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Vance D. Fiegel

Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Creative Water Solutions
WAHC SpeakerVance D. Fiegel

Vance D. Fiegel is a cell and microbiologist, inventor, and entrepreneur. He began his career at the University of Minnesota where he studied the basic biology of inflammation, angiogenesis and wound healing. Upon leaving the University twenty-seven years ago, he co-founded Embro Corporation, a privately held biomedical research and development company. Embro’s proprietary technology portfolio includes technology in medical devices and the use of Sphagnum moss for water treatment. In 2003 he co-founded Creative Water Solutions, LLC to develop and commercialize the use of Sphagnum moss for water treatment in a number of areas, including swimming pools and spas, industrial water, wastewater and drinking water. He has published over 60 research articles, holds over 25 patents and is the Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Creative Water Solutions, LLC, the President of Embro Corporation and the Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer of Atlantic BioVentures, LLC.