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Michael Geyer

President, Exceptional Water Systems & Pure Vision Technologies
WAHC Speaker Michael Geyer

Visionary, Believer and Teacher: Michael Geyer is all of these things and much more. As president of two companies, Exceptional Water Systems and Pure Vision Technologies, his vision, belief and teaching is to continually improve water quality for all aspects of life. Michael has dedicated his time and energy in researching water, down to the quantum physics level by working with scientists, biochemical engineers, water treatment specialists and doctors from all over the country. Michael started his journey in 2005 where he began his pursuit and passion for water for a local commercial pool and spa distributor. He learned as much as possible about the commercial pool industry and water, and in a few short years became a Certified Pool Instructor. Having the opportunity to share his knowledge about water quality, hydraulics, safety, and a little influence from his friends and family, drove Michael to start Exceptional Water Systems. After two short years, Michael then founded Pure Vision Technologies, a company devoted to manufacturing and developing new technologies and products to deliver the purest water possible to both the commercial and residential pool and spa markets, by utilizing the “Elements of Life” Oxygen, Ozone and Carbon dioxide.

Prior to founding two groundbreaking companies, Michael was a proud member of the Armed Services where he served in the United States Air Force. After his enlistment was up, he went on to graduate from the University of Phoenix with a degree in marketing. Michael resides in Mesa, Arizona with his wife of 10 years, Allie and his two daughters, Malissa and Victoria, along with their six grandchildren.