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Douglass Whiteaker

President and Principal, Water Technology, Inc.
WAHC Speaker Douglass Whiteaker

Douglass G. Whiteaker, President and Principal of Water Technology, Inc., has extensive knowledge and experience in the aquatic industry. He is dedicated to the planning, design, engineering and construction of aquatic facilities, and his engaging personality helps to facilitate a two-way sharing process with our clients. Doug helps the team to understand unique project demographics and public needs which ultimately results in team ownership of the project, producing the ultimate in project excellence. He excels in managing integrated project delivery teams, and his hands-on management abilities energize effective collaboration. Mr. Whiteaker leads projects of great diversity in size, scope and function including colleges and universities, athletic and wellness centers, YMCA’s, community developments, family aquatic centers, and waterparks. Renowned for his knowledge of recreational water treatment systems, he provides insight into emerging technologies for pristine water quality. His academic background in biochemistry and decades of practical experience in the design and construction of aquatic facilities proves to be an invaluable resource.