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Doug Sackett

Director, Model Aquatic Health Code
WAHC Speaker Doug Sackett

Douglas Sackett began serving as the Conference for the Model Aquatic Health Code’s (CMAHC's) first Executive Director in October 2014. He built a strong record of aquatics leadership working for the New York State Department of Health for 38 years and retired as Assistant Director, Bureau of Community Environmental Health and Food Protection in April 2013. Doug worked in the swimming pool and bathing beach programs in addition to numerous other environmental health regulatory programs, throughout his 38 years with the New York State Department of Health. Beginning in 1987, he was involved in the management of the statewide swimming pool and bathing beach regulatory program including the coordination of investigations of illnesses associated with recreational water and drowning at regulated swimming pools and beaches throughout the State and for the analysis of the data from the these epidemiological investigations. Doug was the Director and Steering Committee member for CDC's project to develop the national Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) from its inception in 2007 until the MAHC 1st Edition was launched in August 2014. Doug was instrumental in setting up the CMAHC as the Vice President and Treasurer of the Interim CMAHC Board of Directors. He currently resides in New York State.