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Jason Slusarczyk

Principal, Novus Environmental, Inc.

Jason Slusarczyk, P.Eng., has over 20 years of experience specializing in air quality modelling and assessment. He has an undergraduate Degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Guelph and has gained extensive knowledge in the field of air quality dispersion modeling. Jason has consulted on 100’s of projects. Jason has extensive experience with air quality modeling assessments as well as contaminant modeling in sensitive indoor facilities, including natatoriums. Jason is a member of ASHRAE and has been a repeat speaker at the International Symposium on Aerodynamics and Ventilation of Vehicle Tunnels as well as presented air quality modeling and fluid dynamic at the Labs21 Annual Conference, and laboratory design conferences. As a notable expert, Jason is well respected in his field of study and has provided expert guidance on facilities throughout the world.