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Software Approach to the Integration of Aquatic Facilities with Regulators

Software Approach to the Integration of Aquatic Facilities with Regulators
Thursday, October 17, 2019
10:00 am–10:50 am
New Industry Technology Track

The use of web-based software as an integrated approach between regulators and aquatic venues is a unique venture. The development of a software interface that combines pool facilities, inspectors and pool companies into one platform is challenging. Sample testing and implementation of such integrated software with selected sites is now occurring throughout the state in preparation for the upcoming 2019 pool season. This web-based software could be used for real time customer/licensee inventory tracking; inspection capabilities either using MAHC or tailored for local/state regulatory entities; entering required or supplemental daily operational parameters for aquatic facility; integrated business applications pertaining to regulatory statutes; creating and storing records; regulator reporting uses and administration; individualized records for maintenance, documenting incidences, equipment/physical data specs, etc; creating and approving service contracts and terms; and providing different levels and rights to all users based on the regulatory compliance structure. The integrated software’s success would require an operator-recognized aquatic certification training program as well. The certified pool operator participants’ knowledge would be an enticing incentive and requirement to use the software interface. The data collected and user commentary from the sample season will help in the overall use and development. Collection, review and adjustments from the integrated software sampling will provide the basis for data reporting and future goals moving forward. The reason for this integrated approach is to better equip regulators with an additional tool to bridge the gap between inspections. The inspector only sees a “snapshot” of a pool when inspecting. The web-based software approach could possibly provide a “fuller” picture between pool managers, pool techs and inspectors. It could provide another tool for oversight to help overcome issues such as shrinking budgets, cutbacks, fewer/missed inspections, and less regulatory personnel. The impact of combining regulators, pool businesses, and aquatic facilities into one platform could be a new methodology for inspecting, reporting and oversight not yet explored until now.