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Crypto Here, Crypto There, Crypto, Crypto, Everywhere?

Crypto Here, Crypto There, Crypto, Crypto, Everywhere?
Thursday, October 17, 2019
1:30 pm–2:20 pm
RWI Prevention Track

Crypto is responsible for the majority of outbreaks in treated recreational water such as pools. This is due largely to its resistance to the traditional disinfectants used in pools. Generally, however, the rates of crypto are higher in northern states, with rates typically below the national average in the southern states with the most swimming pools. This presentation reviews various geological, environmental, and engineering factors that can impact the transmission of crypto that may explain some of the differences in crypto rates throughout the United States. These factors can be used to help develop an appropriate response at pools identified by a specific case given any other exposure risks identified and the various factors that may be influencing transmission in the area.