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WAHC Sessions - By Track


Thursday, October 17, 2019
Title Track Time Speaker
Preventing Pool Chemical Injuries RWI Prevention 4:00 pm–4:50 pm
Benjamin Franklin: Swimming Your Way to Enlightenment Keynote 8:40 am–9:20 am
Health Effects of Disinfection Byproducts (DBP) & Strategies to Reduce Exposure Improving Water & Air Quality 10:00 am–10:50 am
Outbreak of Gastrointestinal Illness Among Patrons and Employees of a Water Park Following a Backflow Prevention Error—Colorado, 2018 RWI Prevention 10:00 am–10:50 am
Software Approach to the Integration of Aquatic Facilities with Regulators New Industry Technology/Commercial 10:00 am–10:50 am
The Preventable Adult Drowning Epidemic: A Call to Action with a Focus on Adult Drowning & Actions to Decrease Drowning Incidents Increasing Fun & Reducing Risk 10:00 am–10:50 am
Effects of Cyanuric Acid on Swimming Pool Plaster Disinfection & Sanitation 10:00 am–10:50 am
The Future of Disinfection Disinfection & Sanitation 11:00 am–11:50 am
AOP & UV: The Facts & Figures Behind Better Water Care New Industry Technology/Commercial 11:00 am–11:50 am
Filter Your Aquatic Venue Smarter for Safer & Cleaner Water Improving Water & Air Quality 11:00 am–11:50 am
Safety Operations for Open Water Swimming Events Increasing Fun & Reducing Risk 11:00 am–11:50 am
Burden and Direct Healthcare Cost of Waterborne Disease in the United States: Implications for Swimming and Aquatics Facilities RWI Prevention 11:00 am–11:50 am
Crypto Here, Crypto There, Crypto, Crypto, Everywhere? RWI Prevention 1:30 pm–2:20 pm
Stabilized Sanitizer Alternatives Disinfection & Sanitation 1:30 pm–2:20 pm
Understanding the NSF Listing for UV systems as a Water Conditioning Device New Industry Technology/Commercial 1:30 pm–2:20 pm
Developing Effective HVAC Strategies to Limit Trichloramine Exposure in Indoor Aquatic Facilities Improving Water & Air Quality 1:30 pm–2:20 pm
Drowning in Lifeguarded Pools: Why Submerged Victims Go Unnoticed Increasing Fun & Reducing Risk 1:30 pm–2:20 pm
Drowning Prevention Week: How Iowa Is Using Media, Educational Activities, and Drowning Increasing Fun & Reducing Risk 3:00 pm–3:50 pm
Secondary & Supplemental Sanitation: The Adoption Dilemma Disinfection & Sanitation 3:00 pm–3:50 pm
Key Data to Capture & Document to Better Manage Facilities New Industry Technology/Commercial 3:00 pm–3:50 pm
Lagoons, Surf Pools and Naegleria RWI Prevention 3:00 pm–3:50 pm
The Road to "Better Than 90% Treatment Efficacy" Improving Water & Air Quality 3:00 pm–3:50 pm
The Benefits of Ultra Fine Bubbles for Aquatic Facilities New Industry Technology/Commercial 4:00 pm–4:50 pm
The Impact of DBP & Combined Chlorine on Air & Water Quality Improving Water & Air Quality 4:00 pm–4:50 pm
How Music Enhances Children's Engagement While Learning to Swim Increasing Fun & Reducing Risk 4:00 pm–4:50 pm
Friday, October 18, 2019
Title Track Time Speaker
Stop Being A Leader. Start Being THE Leader. Keynote 8:30 am–9:30 am
Deeper Dive with Ryan Avery Professional Development 10:00 am–10:50 am
CMAHC Update: Mini-MAHC’s—Topic-Specific Packages of MAHC Code & Resources MAHC 10:00 am–10:50 am
Use of Waterproof Dressings in Aquatic Settings Increasing Fun & Reducing Risk 10:00 am–10:50 am
Local Lifeguard Association Success Facility Management & Design 10:00 am–10:50 am
The Main Attraction: Transforming Public Pools with the Waterpark Model Facility Management & Design 11:00 am–11:50 am
Better Indoor Air: MAHC as a Vehicle for Change; Air Quality Ad Hoc Committee Update MAHC 11:00 am–11:50 am
Distracted Lifeguards: Reducing Distractions to Improve Lifeguard Readiness Increasing Fun & Reducing Risk 11:00 am–11:50 am
Deeper Dive with Ryan Avery Professional Development 11:00 am–11:50 am
Cyanuric Acid use CMAHC Ad Hoc Committee Report MAHC 1:30 pm–2:20 pm
Shark Attack: How to Take a Bite out of Your Community (by Creating Your Own Summer Swim League) Increasing Fun & Reducing Risk 1:30 pm–2:20 pm
Bridging the Gap Between Industry & Government Relations Professional Development 1:30 pm–2:20 pm
Designing for Operational Success: Health and Safety are #1 Facility Management & Design 1:30 pm–2:30 pm
Charting Your Course to Success Professional Development 2:30 pm–3:20 pm
CMAHC Listening Post: MAHC Adoption and Influence on Aquatics MAHC 2:30 pm–3:20 pm
Land vs. Aquatic Strength Training Increasing Fun & Reducing Risk 2:30 pm–3:20 pm
Transforming Aquatic Centers into a Community’s Third Space Facility Management & Design 2:30 pm–3:20 pm


WAHC Speaker Vince Hill
Chief of Waterborne Disease Prevention Branch, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
WAHC SpeakerVance D. Fiegel
Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Creative Water Solutions
WAHC Speaker Tori Burkett
Waterborne Disease Epidemiologist & Legionella Coordinator, Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment
WAHC Speaker Tom Schaefer
Technical Sales, Clear Comfort
WAHC Speaker Ryan Avery
Keynote Speaker, AveryToday, Inc.
WAHC Speaker Richard Falk
Richard Falk
Actor & Historian, Mitchel Kramer Tours, Inc.
WAHC Speaker Mindy Uhle
Executive Officer II, Iowa Department of Public Health
WAHC Speaker Mike Fowler
Commercial Marketing & Sales Manager, Pentair
WAHC Speaker Michelle Kavanaugh
Executive Director, California Pool & Spa Association
WAHC Speaker Michele Hlavsa
Chief, Healthy Swimming Program
WAHC Speaker Michael Geyer
President, Exceptional Water Systems & Pure Vision Technologies
WAHC Speaker Michael Beach
Associate Director for Healthy Water, Center for Disease Control & Prevention
WAHC Speaker Matt Freeby
Regional Director of Project Development, Water Technology, Inc.
Speaker Mary Wykle
Educator, MW Associates
WAHC Speaker Maria Bella
President, Professional Pool Solutions, LLC
WAHC Speaker Linda Brown
President, X-Spurt Evaluation
WAHC Speaker Kevin Post
Principal & Studio Director, Counsilman-Hunsaker
WAHC Speaker Karllee Barton
Product Safety & Government Affairs Chemist, Lonza
WAHC Speaker Kari Hemund
Aquatics Specialist, US Marine Corps
WAHC Speaker Joseph Seidl
Vice President, Peter Basso Associates
WAHC Speaker John Watt
Product Development Specialist, Pentair
WAHC Speaker John Kelly
Environmental Engineer, lowa Department of Public Health
WAHC Speaker Joe Laco
Environmental Health Officer, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
WAHC Speaker Jodi Jensen
Assistant Professor & Director of Aquatics, Hampton University
Principal, Novus Environmental, Inc.
WAHC Speaker James Amburgey
Associate Professor, UNC Charlotte
WAHC Speaker Gerhard Weiss
WAHC Speaker Forest Montgomery
NW Environmental Health Manager, Arkansas Dept. of Health
WAHC Speaker Emily Dunlap
PT, Owner, Aquatic Therapy Pro
WAHC Speaker Ellen Meyer
Product Safety & Government Affairs Manager, Lonza
WAHC Speaker Douglass Whiteaker
President and Principal, Water Technology, Inc.
WAHC Speaker Doug Sackett
Director, Model Aquatic Health Code
WAHC Speaker Cory Butcher
Waterpark Specialist, Neuman Group
WAHC Speaker Chris Larmore
CEO, Red Cedar Agency and
WAHC Speaker Chelsea Setevens
Environmental Specialist, Iowa Department of Public Health
WAHC Speaker Bridget McKinney
President, P-SWAP Mentorship & Swim Organization, Inc.
WAHC Speaker Adam Nelsen
Aquatics Director, City of Benton

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