Pool in Virginia

Virginia swimming pools are subject to extreme and seasonal weather conditions, which is why proper pool maintenance is crucial on the East Coast. When a pool is not properly taken care of pool owners experience cloudiness and cryptosporidium. Not only are these conditions unsightly, but they also are a sign of poor water quality and can result in conditions that are a safety hazard to you and your guests.

Maintain a beautiful and clear pool year-round by hiring an Advanced Service Technician™.  Advanced Service Technicians™ are trained in pool and spa operation, water treatment procedures, equipment servicing, job-site risk management, safety best practices, equipment maintenance, installation and repair, pool structure types and finishes, and local codes. When you hire an AST®Certified technician you’ll ensure that you are getting great service from an experienced technician. 

Another important step in pool maintenance for Virginia pool owners is the winterization of your pool. Winterizing your pool includes clearing the pool of any debris, blowing water out of the pipes, adding winter chemicals and covering the pool to keep unwanted debris away. There are many steps involved with winterization and when a step is skipped or overlooked it can result in a large and costly amount of damage to your pool. By hiring an AST®Certified technician to handle the closing and opening of your pool, you can save yourself a lot of time and money and ensure your investment is protected.


AST - Certified Technicians - Virginia

Name City Phone Email Website
George Barrows Annandale (703) 919-8165 Email
William Brunner Richmond (540) 392-5446 Email Website
Kevin Combes Norfolk (757) 705-2999 Email
Hristo Enev Falls Church (301) 318-1345 Email
Donna Hodgert Lynchburg (434) 942-4400 Email
Jodaine Miller Newport News (757) 915-0782 Email
Heather Pierce-Sifrit Falls Church (703) 929-3557 Email Website
Charles Pol Arlington (703) 898-8442 Email
Slobodan Popovic Virginia Beach (757) 779-6199 Email
Gwen Taylor Henrico (804) 514-8304 Email Website
Christopher Tinsley Henrico (804) 305-5762 Email Website
Jason Vaughan Roanoke (540) 345-7665 Email Website
Michael Winn Fairfax (571) 244-7584 Email