The ROI of Online Safety Training

Discover the value of our efficient alternative to live training, and calculate your return on investment.

See your ROI

Cost Structure Comparisons

Time is money, and getting a better return on investment means finding the most efficient training option.
Online safety training gets workers back on the job, faster.

Live Training   Online Training
Total Employee Time
Employee Labor Costs
Instructors Needed
Instructor Delivery Time
Instructor Delivery Cost

Total Return on Investment


Productivity Savings

Less time in training, more time working. Simple.

Online Training Investment

Reduce risk by standardizing safety training, save on labor costs, and stay compliant with ease.

Labor Days Saved

The savings realized through workforce productivity pays for your online training investment.

The Bottom Line

There are many reasons to move your workforce training program online,
but the money we save for clients is why over 90% return each year.