September 2018: Aquatics & Obesity

September is National Preparedness Month

For National Preparedness Month, our thoughts have been with those suffering the aftermath of natural and not-so-natural aquatic disasters. As a result, the efforts of our own Step Into Swim Campaign (SIS) have been a focus for us this month. Read more about what SIS is doing to create more swimmers and combat drowning deaths here. Also, be sure to check out our August Aquatic Health Benefits Bulletin, which includes a great bibliography of publications showing how water works for treating bariatric conditions.  



Obesity is no small problem. Individuals with body fat percentages which exceed the threshold of 30% are now no longer atypical. In fact, morbid obesity is the new obesity. With it, any variety of obesity carries a host of potential problems, some due to the disease itself and some due to the metabolic cascade and lack of exercise that often accompanies the disorder. The answer?

Less food and more exercise. Unfortunately, more exercise is often not in the cards. The excessive weight bearing load and sheer force that accompanies exercising on land can quickly put the kibosh on any thoughts of establishing an exercising regiment.

Children who start out their lives obese are fighting an uphill battle to change their trajectory, but one of the simplest tools available to adolescent and adult alike is the humble swimming pool. Of special interest is the fact that it is possible to couple strength training with aerobic exercise when immersed without fear of the consequences that might accompany such exploits under gravity’s dominance.

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