Prevention Advisor: January 2019

Wishing You a Happy, Healthy, and Safe 2019!

Took us a minute to collect the new year's BIG news (see here), and the upshot for you is that you'll get TWO Prevention Advisories this month: one late (this one!) and one in a few weeks. This month, we'll also be posting some links on our social media accounts for Black History Month, so please make sure you follow us and keep up with vital the resources we'll share. Lots of amazing work being done out there to explore the past, present, and future of black lives in aquatics.

It’s not lost on us that January was National Weight Loss Awareness Month—New Year’s Resolution anyone? Here at NSPF, we’d like better health to be more than just a regularly abandoned wish (good intentions aside!). That’s why we’ve sponsored the PHIT Act. You can read more about the Act and what we think it will do to address the inactivity epidemic here.
Our mission to help safeguard the public health is also why we continue to promote the health benefits of aquatic activity in our monthly Aquatic Health Benefits Bulletin. Take a minute to browse the most recent Aquatic Health Benefits Bulletin, which includes a great bibliography of publications showing how water works for treating congenital disorders.

For now, some things to get your year off to a great start:

Pool Chemical Safety, courtesy of the Chlorine Institute and the American Chemistry Council  

Preventing Unitended Chemical Injection, courtesy of the American Chemistry Council

Departing NSPF CEO Tom Lachocki's Farewell Letter

After our departing CEO Tom Lachocki's farewell letter kind of blew up on his LinkedIn account, we asked permission to post it to our blog as well. Please take a minute to read Tom's bittersweet but hopeful letter about all we've accomplished during his tenure. We'll miss you, Tom!

The Secret Life of Biofilm

Eric Herman over at AQUA Magazine posted a useful introduction to biofilm, complete with a mini-WAHC 2018 reunion (he speaks to leading experts like Darla Goeres and Vance Fiegel). The piece is worth a minute, especially if you're in a position to do a little biofilm evangelism. Read it here.
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