Prevention Advisor: February 2019

Feb 2019 Prevention Advisor Aquatics and Black Health

February is Black History Month!

In honor of Black History Month, we’ve been promoting stories about the vital work of people and organizations we admire, in celebration of their efforts to increase water access and fight for health equity in communities of color. For more than just the highlights, please scroll back through any of our social media channels and follow us if you don’t already! In the meantime, we wanted to draw your attention to some of our favorite stories from the month (below) and to our newest Aquatic Health Benefits Bulletin.  

Featuring recent research on issues related to aquatics and black health, this AHBB is near and dear to us, since so much of the scholarship cited comes from people we’ve worked with closely over the years, both at the World Aquatic Health Conference and as part of partnerships like Water Safety USA. We’re glad to have a chance to help promote their efforts and hope we can continue to extend the conversation. 

Also of note this month was the news that recreational water illnesses (RWIs) were such a hot topic last year that an RWI study came in at fourth on the list of the 10 most talked about Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports (MMWRs) of 2018. As always, the entire MMWR archive is worth spending some time with—thanks CDC for such a wealth of (weekly!) resources.

Social Media Highlights

This month, our social accounts featured quite a few links to articles about or pieces that somehow address Jeff Wiltse's seminal cultural history of pools, Contested Waters (excerpt here). If you haven't read Wiltse's book, we'd highly recommend it. We'd like to add, too, that much work is still being done. The links below are just a glimpse of the past, present, and future of aquatic health equity.

IJARE: Diversity in Aquatics Issue

In August, the International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education (IJARE) published its first special issue on Diversity in Aquatics. You'll see many links to this issue in the AHBB, but we wanted to give it a special callout here, too, because the wealth of research there still has us excited all these months later! Check out the issue, as well as the video below on the efforts of one of the guest editors for the issue, Dr. Angela K. Beale-Tawfeeq.

Racism at American Pools Isn’t New: A Look at a Long History (NYT Article)

Recently, The New York Times posted an abridged history of race and swimming pools (complete with a section on Jeff Wiltse's book). Included here are historical images, some useful links to resources, and a handful of related video links.

Vice News on the History and Present of Black Swimming (Includes New Jeff Wiltse Interview)  

2007 NPR Interview with Jeff Wiltse Upon Publication of Contested Waters

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