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Advanced Service Technicians™ Are Trained in Servicing Local North Carolina Pools

East coast swimming pools are subject to changing weather conditions, which can lead to a variety of pool problems. For example, cloudiness is a common issue for pool owners in the region. Not only is a cloudy pool unsightly and a sign of neglect or poor water quality, it is also a safety hazard. Cryptosporidium is a hazard North Carolina pool owners face, too, and no one wants to catch that in your pool! An Advanced Service Technician™ can help keep your swimming pool clear and clean thanks to advanced education and training.

You’ll want help with winterization, which must be performed on many east coast pools every fall. When a single step is skipped or overlooked, damage to the coping, tile, plaster, and entire pool structure can result. This leads to an expensive opening in the spring! By hiring an AST® Certified technician to handle the closing and opening of your pool, you can save a lot of money by preventing unnecessary damage to your pool.

With his or her knowledge, your technician can help mitigate risks and instruct you on liability and safety issues. Your technician can advise you on areas of concern, such as fencing, safety latches, and poolside hazards using safety checklists and evaluations. Your swimming pool is a big investment! An AST® Certified technician will treat your pool with utmost care and understanding, help you minimize cost, and keep your North Carolina swimming pool clean and safe for all. 

AST - Certified Technicians - North Carolina

Name City Phone Email Website
Gary Daniel Apex (919) 608-1906 Email
Richard Freeman Raleigh (919) 218-9183 Email
Joshua Horne Statesville (704) 252-7467 Email
Stefan Nickodem Raleigh (703) 862-9334 Email
Robert Pant Newport (252) 723-9580 Email
Levi Redman Raleigh (470) 309-7208 Email
Todd Riddick Nags Head (252) 455-4392 Email
Stephen Santucci Matthews (704) 671-3146 Email
Brian Taylor Pittsboro (919) 880-1912 Email Website
Cara Tillett Manteo (252) 473-3813 Email Website