CMAHC Progress Update: October/November 2017

The NSPF has been provided with another CMAHC update and we wanted to provide the below information to you all. This was an email provided by CMAHC Executive Director, Douglas Sackett.


CMAHC Member Progress Update
There is Still Time to Vote

We just finished the two-day CMAHC Conference extravaganza going over 2017 Change Requests, Members are voting. The strategy for the next conference cycle is being planned. Renew your membership to ensure you are on the cutting edge of aquatics health and safety by being involved in the MAHC and CMAHC.  

Important News, Dates, and Deadlines 

  1. Award for the CMAHC. Congratulations to all Members. The CMAHC and its members were awarded the prestigious 2017 Kelly Ogle Safety Award from the World Waterpark Association. The award is given to “an individual or organization for significant contributions to guest and employee safety in the water attractions industry”. The award was presented both at the CMAHC conference by Harlan Bryant to Doug Sackett and Michael Beach on behalf of WWA and at the annual WWA conference in West Palm Beach, FL to CMAHC Board members Jim Dunn and Franceen Gonzales. This is truly, a great testament to the hard work the CMAHC has put in to building a strong and robust public health and aquatics sector health and safety partnership.
  2. Catch Up on the Conference activities. All materials from the 2017 CMAHC Conference are on the 2017 conference page. That includes the agenda, registration packet information, registrant list, and all the slide presentations. Video posting must wait for the video files before completion. 
  3. Vote on Change Requests. Voting on 179 Change Requests is open through midnight EST November 19, 2017. You can find the page from the “Vote on 2017 CRs” box under the homepage picture, the dropdown “Find 2017 Info On” box in the upper right of the homepage, or the usual left navigation---remember to sign in as a member! 
    1. As you enter your votes, you may click the "I'll Be Back Later" button to save your current vote status. When you have completed voting and are ready to submit your final vote, click the "Submit My Final Vote" button. You will still be able to change your submitted vote until the midnight EST Sunday, November 19 cut-off date. 
  4. Vote on Board of Director’s member: A Director’s vote is open to fill a vacant seat with Alvaro Mendoza or a write-in candidate. You can find the page from the “Board of Directors Vote” box under the homepage picture, the dropdown “Find 2017 Info On” box in the upper right of the homepage, or the usual left navigation---remember to sign in as a member!
  5. Enter Comments: You can continue to submit member comments to influence other member votes through the close of the vote.

CMAHC Vote on the Code 2017: the Voting has started! 

  1. Thanks for making the 2017 CMAHC Conference a success. We had 125 in-person and Livestream attendees for the 2017 Conference. Many thanks to all those folks who helped with the untold tasks needed to bring this all together and to NSPF for helping reduce the burden on the CMAHC by organizing prior to their WAHC conference.
  2. Conference cycle has changed. The CMAHC has moved to a 3-year conference cycle. We heard members wanted more time, the Board of Director’s voted, and conference attendees concurred that the CMAHC needs more time in between conferences to invest in Ad Hoc Committees and other work to create the best possible content for the MAHC.
  3. CMAHC Board of Director’s meeting. The Board met for the day preceding the CMAHC Conference including our five new members. A day of strategic planning focused on a long-term view of the CMAHC and our three main goals of fiscal sustainability, improved communication, and optimal staffing and organizational needs. Stay tuned for a more detailed Board update. One clear decision is to get assistance with marketing and communication so everyone hears about CMAHC activities and members get a better understanding of what the CMAHC is doing between conferences. We want your return on investment as members to be very clear. 
  4. Calling all Conference photos. Please send any photos you shot during the conference to We want to assemble a historical view of the conference.
  5. Two Board members departing. We want to thank both Scot Hunsaker and Colleen Maitoza for longstanding service in making the MAHC and CMAHC that much better due to their dedication and service. Colleen started her MAHC work as a member of the Operator Training Technical Committee, joined the MAHC Development Steering Committee in 2009, and transitioned to CMAHC Board member in 2014. She is increasing her travel and enjoyment of retirement from the Sacramento County Environmental Management Department in 2015. Thanks also to Scot Hunsaker who served as the CMAHC Board Treasurer since 2014. Scot is continuing his many speaking engagements and other work related to being managing partner of the Ardent Group. Many thanks to Colleen and Scot for their long CMAHC service.

CMAHC Business, Communication, and Operations News 

  1. Thanks to our new Members. We just topped 741 members! Remember, your membership expires after the vote so we need you to renew your membership for the new 3-year cycle so you can be part of the activities starting up soon to support new CR discussion. This should also allow us to spread the work out over time. 
  2. Renew your membership. Note the CMAHC has just moved to a 3-year cycle so we need you to be part of CMAHC for the entire 3 years. Sign-up for membership for the 2018-2020 CMAHC Conference cycle is a low $90 for the entire 3-year voting cycle. 
    1. NOTE: We want you to be a member and be involved for the entire 3-year CMAHC Conference voting cycle. To reward you for signing up now (through 2018) for all 3 years, prices are lower for those persons choosing to join early and be a member for all 3 years---you save money by joining now and you have the opportunity to participate for all 3 years in CMAHC business.
      1. If you register in:
        1. 2018: $90 for the entire 3-year 2020 CMAHC Conference voting cycle
        2. 2019: $120 for the entire 3-year 2020 CMAHC Conference voting cycle
        3. 2020: $160 for the entire 3-year 2020 CMAHC Conference voting cycle
  3. Evaluate us. That includes the CMAHC conference and the CMAHC process. A survey monkey is being sent out soon to solicit your feedback. If you filled out an evaluation at the Conference, you don’t need to do again unless you have new comments. Even if you did not attend the conference, please fill out the relevant sections as a CMAHC member to give us feedback. Members noticed that many of the improvements at this conference came directly from you, our members. Let’s keep this improvement process going! 

Your CMAHC at Work 

  1. Changing CRs after the Conference. The membership asked that the CMAHC develop a process for altering CRs after the Conference when there is clear indication that some editing would be beneficial, remove the risk of unintended consequences, and avoid having to wait 3 years for a good CR to go to vote. Stay tuned since we have at least one CR that will undergo this process for vote this cycle. Flexibility is key so the Board is also working on a process for getting a membership vote on CRs that are too important to wait out the full 3-year cycle for a vote.
  2. Join Committees. We will be setting up several Ad Hoc and Standing Committees in the near future, so please renew your membership and ensure you can hear about activities and be part of change request creation. Committees coming soon include
    1. Aquatic Venue Shell Design
    2. Indoor Air Quality
    3. Annex Revision and Updating
  3. Ad Hoc Committees
    1. Chlorine Stabilizer Ad Hoc Committee: Richard Falk presented for the Stabilizer Ad Hoc Committee at the recent WAHC conference. This group has taken the best of chemistry and aquatics knowledge from both pro-, con-, and neutral perspectives to understand the chemistry of stabilizer use and develop a model for its routine use. Bottom line is that stabilizer use is not about absolute stabilizer concentrations, instead it’s maintaining a ratio between free chlorine and stabilizer. This “game-changing” presentation laid out the framework for effective stabilizer use in aquatics. Many thanks for the hard work of the committee. We look forward to the publication of this model and the data being used to inform a 2020 Change Request. See the presentation slides, which are in the process of being posted on the Presentations and Webinars page.
    2. Aquatic Facility Acoustical Design Ad Committee: National experts worked together to create a state-of-the-art Change Request addressing the acoustics issues found in indoor facilities. Check out their work as summarized in CR 4.6.11.
    3. Floatation Tank Design & Operation Ad Hoc Committee. Also check out the CR result of the Float Tank Committee. This was a focus of intense discussion during the conference. Check out their work as summarized in CR 4.12.11/5.12.11.
    4. Chlorinator sizing Ad Hoc Committee: The Change Request from 2015 was reworked by a small group and resubmitted for the 2017 conference and lays out a path to performance based criteria. Check out their work as summarized in CR through 0003 and 

Other Questions, Needs, Requests 

Contact us from the CMAHC “Contact Us” page and we can add your thoughts to our list for future consideration.
Douglas Sackett
Executive Director, CMAHC
Phone: (678) 221-7218


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