Home Pool Essentials Can Help Save Lives and Money

Online Course Teaches Skills Every Pool Visitor Should Know

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado, August 20, 2015 – Pool owners and visitors can use the National Swimming Pool Foundation®’s (NSPF®) online learning course, Home Pool Essentials™ (HPE), to keep backyard pools safer and help reduce drownings.

The number two cause of death among 1-14-year-olds is drowning, the majority occurring in home swimming pools.i What if there was a course that home pool owners and pool visitors could take to help reduce this stammering statistic? The American Red Cross and the NSPF answers that question with the Home Pool Essentials™ online course that easily informs the correct way to maintain backyard pools and keep the aquatic area safer for all swimmers; young and old.

This $19.95 course is perfect for new pool owners, frequent pool visitors, and even the seasoned owner, because it will teach you items you may not know about, how to prevent aquatic accidents, and will affirm what you may already know as an owner. This two hour course covers the following:

  • Preventing pool accidents
  • Responding to an aquatic emergency
  • Maintaining a pool and/or hot tub
  • Proper chemical balances

As the Water Quality and Health Council paired up with the NSPF earlier this summer to break the myth of red eyes; that pee is the real culprit, not chlorine, clean and properly treated water should be on the tops of every pool-goers mind. Home Pool Essentials, which includes a 30 page reference guide, goes into details on how to maintain accurate chemical balances for pools; which does instruct how to properly disinfect a pool after a bodily fluid accident. Green pool water and green hair can be a big issue during the summer months too, and HPE references solutions to these colorful problems.

After learning about proper pool care, pool owners can save both money and time in the long run. But HPE is so much more than just pool maintenance, the course gives people the advice and tips to keep pool areas safer and the opportunity to save a life by keeping the danger at bay to begin with. Thanks to the safety lessons, Home Pool Essentials is a course that should be taken by any adult that frequents a pool, especially parents. Take the course today, so tomorrow can be filled with making memories.

About the National Swimming Pool Foundation®

We believe everything we do helps people live healthier lives. Whether it’s encouraging more aquatic activity, making pools safer, or keeping pools open, we believe we can make a difference. NSPF® offers products and programs that are technically sound, convenient, and beautifully designed. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit located in Colorado Springs, CO., proceeds go to fund research and to help create swimmers. The National Swimming Pool Foundation has been keeping pools safe and open since 1965. Visit www.nspf.org or call 719-540-9119 to learn more.

i Center for Disease Control and Prevention data, published in May 2012

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