New Jersey

New Jersey

Advanced Service Technicians™ Are Trained in Servicing Local New Jersey Pools

East coast swimming pools experience a lot of different weather patterns, which result in a variety of pool problems. For example, cloudiness is a common issue for pool owners in the region. Not only is a cloudy pool unsightly and a sign of neglect or poor water treatment, it is also a safety hazard. An Advanced Service Technician™  can help keep your New Jersey swimming pool clear and clean thanks to their advanced education and training. 

Winterization is a hazard pool owners on the east coast face every year. When a single step is skipped or overlooked, damage to the coping, tile, plaster and entire pool structure can result. This leads to an expensive opening in the spring! By hiring an AST® Certified technician to handle the closing and opening of your pool, you can save you a lot of money by preventing unnecessary damage to your pool.

New Jersey is famous in the pool industry for another reason. Due to heavy forestation and constantly changing weather, many homeowners have found that forest creatures seem to love their pool and swimming as much as they do! Every summer, water loving creatures are caught on camera--a family of bears or a pretty little fawn enjoying the pool. Your AST® Certified Technician will help identify the right safety barriers for your pool and balance the water back to normal after mother nature has taken a dip. Currently, New Jersey does not require any sort of training for pool companies or their owners. This means that many company owners have had no classroom or hands-on training. Don't risk their learning on the fly at your pool and at your expense! Hire an AST® Certified technician and enjoy a worry-free swimming season.


AST - Certified Technicians - New Jersey

Name City Phone Email Website
Salvatore Badalamenti Red Bank (732) 881-1952 Email Website
T. Baron Ramsey (201) 934-1222 Email
Benjamin Basch Tinton Falls (848) 250-5693 Email
Raymond Brett Brick (732) 984-3983 Email
Jeff Ciudad-Real Clifton (201) 891-5242 Email
Tim Cosney Norwood (201) 421-5381 Email
Thomas Johnson Ringwood (973) 248-6610 Email
John Oldfield Dorothy (888) 641-8047 Email Website
Trevor Sherwood Brick (732) 451-1040 Email Website