Hearing Conservation

This online course teaches aquatic professionals to recognize the impact of noise on hearing, know the recommended noise exposure limits, wear the provided hearing protection in hazardous noise level areas, and recognize how their company's Hearing Conservation Program protects workers' hearing.

Hearing Conservation training focuses on the following objectives, while the online format allows students to learn at their own pace:

  • Identify how noise impacts hearing and the factors that determine the extent of hearing loss
  • Identify noise exposure levels that require hearing protection
  • Identify how the types of hearing protectors are selected for a job and their advantages and disadvantages for controlling noise exposure
  • Identify correct use, care, and maintenance practices for hearing protectors
  • Identify the requirements of a Hearing Conservation Program

Successful completion of this 1-hour online course earns a Record of Completion. IACET CEUs are not available for this course.