Florida Pool

Advanced Service Technicians™ Are Trained in Servicing Local Florida Pools

The weather in the sunshine state makes it perfect for swimming year-round in your backyard pool. The cool and refreshing water can be a welcome relief in the heat of the night or on long summer days. Finding the right service technician to keep your pool pristine year round is important, and AST® Certified techs are trained to just that. They will keep your Florida backyard pool crystal clear with perfectly balanced water, and even properly maintained before and after a tropical storm!

Owning a pool in Florida poses its own unique set of challenges, especially due to the extreme heat and stormy weather. For example, homeowners must watch for algae blooms in the hot spring and summer; oak pollen settling into organic waste on the water’s surface in the cooler winter season; skewed chlorine, pH, salt, cyanuric acid, and alkalinity levels during especially hot days; and above average evaporation levels during hot or stormy weather. But these factors should not deter you from owning your own backyard oasis! Having an AST® Certified Tech on deck for weekly visits will help keep your pool clean, safe, and beautiful all year round for your family and friends.

AST® Certified technicians are expertly educated and trained in keeping your pool water balanced and clear—or getting water back to clear. Trained technicians will also keep you informed on the best water management techniques. Keeping the pool at proper disinfectant and pH levels ensures a healthy swimming environment. Your AST® Certified technician will provide solutions needed when those untimely problems arise with your pool or spa, whether they be water quality, equipment malfunctions, or even preventing hurricane/flooding related problems which can end with an underground pool becoming an above ground pool. Breathe easier when it comes to protecting your pool by hiring an Advanced Service Technician™! AST® Certification helps ensure you have the best technician taking care of your pool by making it easier for your service technician to take the Florida service contractor licensing exam.* If your technician is licensed as a pool service contractor in the state of Florida they can legally provide you with a complete pool and spa service experience.

*The 60 Hour AST® Certification course (CILB#) qualifies you for the Florida service contractor license exam by reducing the service/education requirement by three years.

AST - Certified Technicians - Florida

Name City Phone Email Website
Rene Balseca Suasnavas Miami Email
Laura Castanza Boca Raton (561) 862-5055 Email
Robert Dalton Port Saint Lucie (772) 878-2377 Email
Brian Gangelhoff Clearwater (727) 647-7269 Email Website
Joel House Madeira Beach (727) 686-5587 Email
Daniel McWatters Middleburg (808) 381-8088 Email
Leonardo Nieves Davenport (386) 383-6258 Email
Gregory Sammel Clearwater (727) 531-8913 Email
Erin Thibodeau Milton (850) 281-3371 Email
Josep Veciana Miami (786) 253-0828 Email Website