Water Safety at the World Aquatic Health Conference

Water Safety at WAHC

During the month of May, we hope you engage with one of the many water safety messages out there by promoting it to your own audience and even putting it into practice locally. At the end of the season, the World Aquatic Health Conference (WAHC) in Williamsburg, Virginia presents an opportunity for you to come share some of your water safety success stories from the year and engage with new voices in drowning prevention and learn-to-swim efforts.

The WAHC wouldn’t be what it is without a healthy contingent of voices on water safety. In the past, the conference has hosted leading researchers and representatives from all the major organizations involved in national water safety, and last year was no different. In Charleston, attendees heard about national water safety plans, they were treated to a survey of the work of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance, and they considered important lessons from low- and middle-income countries about drowning prevention. Attendees who stayed until the bitter end might remember the vital and free-wheeling learn-to-swim success stories discussion.

This year, we’re thrilled to feature quite a few regional voices that might not often get heard during the “Increasing Fun & Reducing Risk” track. Attendees will get to explore open water safety, adult drowning prevention, a water safety media and educational campaign in Iowa, and crucial safety issues for lifeguards. We’ll hear about how one local swim league is increasing community engagement and bolstering community health. And we’ll even drill down to discuss using music to aid in swim instruction, using waterproof dressings in aquatic therapy, and using the water (in the first place) for strength training.

Water Safety at WAHC

Happily, old partners and new will be present, and the conference will once again host the yearly in-person meeting of Water Safety USA. Representatives from our Step Into Swim Campaign will host a roundtable on water safety success stories (details TBA). All of which is to say that there will be no shortage of opportunities at the WAHC to dig in on the important collaborative, coalition-building work that is drowning prevention. And whether your purse strings are corporate or just the general household variety, we hope you’ll consider touching base with our Step Into Swim representatives at some point during the conference to see how you can help us create more swimmers.

We know it’ll be show season. You will likely have larger crowds on your itinerary—and you’ll probably see us in those, too! But in the world of aquatics, the WAHC isn’t an expo—it’s the study group. So, hold a spot for us on your calendar.

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