The Spirit of Collaboration: Thank You to #WAHC2018 Sponsors

Our partnerships represent some of the most important and effective ways that we at NSPF support aquatics. At the World Aquatic Health™ Conference (WAHC), our partners and sponsors come together to advance the industry by helping us to sustain—in the most immediate and practical sense—the financial cost of such an event. Without our generous and visionary conference sponsors, we’d be hard-pressed to host this necessary meeting of the minds. 

So all of us at NSPF would like to thank our sponsors for their support…

While competition might drive our industry, we’re convinced that collaboration elevates it. Our sponsors know this, which is why their financial support isn’t simply paid advertising: they’ll be there alongside us at the WAHC, taking notes and participating in discussions, too. That’s because, beyond their marketing savvy, our sponsors have the health of their various communities in mind. They’re always ready to be standard bearers for an attentive, responsive aquatics industry—and they know that’s usually a team effort.

Following our sponsors’ lead, then, it’s that spirit of collaboration that we hope to pass on to all conference attendees this year. When we encourage more people to develop water competency, we help reduce drowning and build demand for safer, more health-focused aquatic facilities. Whether you’re coming to Charleston or posting up at a WAHCity location, we celebrate the time and effort you invest in holding up safety, health, and service as industry values. Conference sponsors, NSPF can’t thank you enough for what you do to ensure that the WAHC is a contribution to that work.

#WAHC2018 is fast upon us, but before you get there, please take a moment to explore a short (and entirely abbreviated) list of links to some of the important ways our sponsors give back to their communities, whether by spearheading initiatives to increase access to safe and healthy water, hosting free educational webinars, providing community resources online, or simply articulating with clarity the necessity of continued improvement. As always—and in the spirit of collaboration—our sponsors have our admiration, and our attention:

For a full list of #WAHC2018 sponsors, visit the WAHC site.

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