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New NSPF®Instructors, Updated CPO® and AST® Certification Reminders,Management Series Revision, Facility Manager App™, Website Performance, and More!

Hello Instructors,

Welcome to the 2nd Quarter 2018 Instructor Update!

Welcome New Instructors

We would like to welcome all newly-authorized Instructors, especially six certified during the Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala course! As you know, Instructor candidates must first demonstrate significant experience in the field, and then be examined for subject matter proficiency and teaching competency, prior to qualifying as NSPF Instructors. Once approved, NSPF supports our certified Instructors to educate their colleagues locally and raise the standard of pool operation worldwide. We thank all NSPF Instructors who so capably fulfill the mission of NSPF by training operators in the best practices of keeping pools safer and keeping pools open.

CPO and AST Certification Expiration Reminders
Together with you, we strive to ensure that students remain certified and up to date on information relevant to their work in the industry. We also want to help drive traffic to you, our Instructors, by referring these students back to the Instructor who certified them. To accomplish this, your Instructor contact information will be printed on the postcard mailings that students receive prior to expiration. Email notifications cannot be customized with this information specifically, but students will be directed to contact the Instructor who issued the original certification, or to contact NSPF Customer Service for help in locating this information. Thank you for your feedback that enables us to serve you better, continue promoting your business, and maintain and grow the industry's base of educated pool operators.
Updates to the Management Series
We took your advice to make education more accessible for your students. Each online course of the Management Series is now accompanied by a downloadable .pdf resource guide. You can now offer these courses to students more efficiently and save time and money on shipping; and students now gain access to the course and handbook immediately upon applying the training code. In addition, each volume of the Management Series has been beautifully redesigned; for those who prefer a printed resource guide, Aquatic Risk Management (English and Spanish), Aquatic Facility Audits, Emergency Response Planning, and Recreational Water Illnesses are available for purchase at https://www.nspf.org/training. The Management Series PowerPoint and Instructor Manual have been updated accordingly. Instructors may view these updates on the Instructors/Class Material tab of nspf.org.
Facility Manager App
Operators can now rest easy, knowing that critical documentation is available anywhere, anytime, via computer or mobile device. Our new Facility Manager App eliminates the paper hassle associated with record keeping, and reduces the likelihood of paperwork going missing or being incomplete. Given the robust capability of this app and the desire to devote resources strategically, NSPF is decommissioning our Pool Service Manager, Pool Volume, Water Flow, Pool Chemical, and Saturation Index apps. This will enable us to devote the associated resources to further develop Facility Manager and ensuing applications. Contact Michelle Kavanaugh for a demonstration of the Facility Manager and/or Pool Test app today! You receive a referral $$ incentive for each facility that purchases the app based on your recommendation.
Instructor Update Meeting
Thanks, again, to the many of you who attended the Instructor Update Meeting in person at the WAHC 2017! Thanks, also, to those of you who have viewed the update online and completed the associated quiz. For those of you who have yet to view the update, please do so prior to April 27 when the video will be deactivated from the website. We hope to see you all at the next Instructor Update Meeting on October 10, just prior to the WAHC 2018 in Charleston. Registration for the WAHC is open; book your ticket today!
CPO Course Edits
Instructors help keep our products effective and up to date. Thanks to many of you who pointed out an error recently on an exam question. The question was regarding which filter media requires a dust mask when handling and storing. The question has been reworded on all the exams English and Spanish so that your grade key reflects the correct answer.
Student Surveys of Instructors
At the Instructor Update Meeting 2017 we offered to provide for you the feedback on your teaching we receive from students. We are pleased to see many of you taking this opportunity to refine your performance. We review that data, as well, for any NSPF opportunities to recognize success or make improvements on our end. If students do not complete the survey, however, we have no data to assess our collective success. Please remind your students to complete the email survey they receive from NSPF when your class is processed. You can help generate the feedback which guides our partnership.
Partners in Business
NSPF is your biggest fan! Our joint mission is fulfilled through every student you train. We, in turn, promote you by maintaining a strong website presence among your potential customers. In 2017 our website experienced over 1.3 million webpage views. In 1st quarter 2018 we have already had over 378,000 views, a 9% increase over the same period last year. Of the views this quarter, 79,000+ were visits to the CPO Certification Find a Class page, and 1,200+ visits to the AST Certification Find a Class page. Each of those visitors selected a class (potentially yours!) based on the digital marketing services NSPF offers you as our partner. Make sure you are taking advantage of all our partnership marketing services, and remember—you receive a referral $$ incentive for each student who registers for AST Certification based on your recommendation! Email Johnathan.nies@nspf.org for more information.
We hope your 1st Quarter 2018 ended on a high note. Thank you, again, for all you do to raise the standard of education in the industry. We look forward to a great return on your investment as we enter the 2nd Quarter 2018, for many of you and your students the season of pool openings.
Happy Swimming!
From Your NSPF Family