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News from NSPF

May 15, 2018, Colorado Springs, COLORADO - As of May 16, onboarding has begun for David Atencio, new Executive Director of The Pool, Spa & Aquatics Alliance (The Alliance). Eileen Benjamin, former Executive Director of The Alliance, stepped down due to unforeseen health concerns. Benjamin and Atencio are actively communicating during this time of transition to ensure the momentum gained over the past several months continues.

May 15, 2018 - Millions of Americans will soon head to their local swimming pool, but a new survey finds that many swimmers aren’t aware they might be wading into potential health risks at the pool.

Colorado Springs, COLORADO, May 8, 2018 - Water Safety USA, a consortium of 14 national governmental and non-governmental organizations, announces the 2018 water safety message: “Become Water Competent.” There are three key elements of water competence: water smarts, water skills, and helping others.


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Outbreaks associated with exposure to treated recreational water can be caused by pathogens or chemicals in venues such as pools, hot tubs/spas, and interactive water play venues (i.e., water playgrounds). During 2000–2014, public health officials from 46 states and Puerto Rico reported 493 outbreaks associated with treated recreational water. 

Next week marks the 14th running of the Healthy and Safe Swimming Week, which focuses on simple steps that swimmers and pool operators can take to reduce the risk of RWIs. WAHC 2018 offers a track with a strong focus on RWI Prevention. When you attend the RWI Prevention Track, you can incorporate what you learn in next year’s Healthy and Safe Swimming Week! 

Who Should Attend?
New this year, the Design & Engineering WAHC track covers topics beneficial for Aquatic Directors, Parks and Recreation Officials, Homeowner Association Managers, and, of course, Builders and Designers.