Step Into Swim Continues to Teach Children to Swim

Membership Funds NSPF’s Step Into Swim Campaign for Disadvantaged Children

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Colorado Springs, COLORADO, December 8, 2015 – The National Swimming Pool Foundation® (NSPF®) continues its mission to create 1 million more swimmers over the next 10 years. You can help by donating to NSPF’s Step Into SwimTM Campaign, either with a one-time donation or by becoming a NSPF member.


The Step Into Swim campaign benefits two groups of children: children that cannot afford to learn the life-saving skill of swimming because of their economic or cultural standing and children who benefit from Angels of America’s Fallen (AOA Fallen). AOA Fallen is a non-profit organization that supports children of fallen military and first responders follow their dreams and passion.


One hundred percent of the proceeds that Step Into Swim and NSPF Membership raises goes towards children and adults learning to swim; this includes not only providing lessons at reputable facilities, but also supplying swim suits, caps, and transportation. “The Step into Swim Campaign through their direct-to-program funding has enabled my team and I to make a real difference in the amount of children with access to learn-to-swim programs in our community,” stated Stephen Little, Founder of the Swim To Win Foundation. “The continued support year after year means that the first group of children are now returning as Jr. volunteers to help their younger participants (and sometimes siblings) embrace a healthier and safer lifestyle through aquatic programming.”


The National Swimming Pool Foundation aims to create 1 million more swimmers over a 10 year period through Step Into Swim. So far the program has donated over $300,000 to learn-to-swim programs across the country.  For every child that learns how to swim, one less child is likely to drown and it results in a healthier child as well. Please consider NSPF’s three options for donating:


Option 1: Become a NSPF member with either a monthly or annual donation

When you donate either $5 a month, $10 a month, $50 a year, or $100 a year, 100% of your membership donations will fund the Step Into Swim Campaign, which will directly go to providing free swim lessons for children.


Option 2: Become  a NSPF member with a yearly donation of $350

If you decide to donate $350.00; NSPF will match the donation, which will fund an entire year’s worth of swim lessons for a child through Angels of America’s FallenStep Into Swim donor, Connie Sue Centrella, had this to say, “It is our responsibility as aquatic professionals to give back to our industry. The Step Into Swim and NSPF Membership campaign is an awesome way to help those individuals learn to swim and enjoy the benefits that swimming brings to their lives.”


Option 3: Make an Individual Donation

Individuals can also make a one-time donation of any amount.


“Everything we do improves people’s lives. Learning how to swim improves health from childhood to old age and reduces the risk of drowning. That is what the Step Into Swim program is all about.” states Thomas M.  Lachocki, Ph.D., NSPF CEO.


This holiday, why not give the gift of swim lessons to the children across the nation? Your donation will help a child live a healthier life. Together we can make a difference. For the sake of our nation’s future and the children, become a member today. Visit for more information.

About the National Swimming Pool Foundation®

We believe everything we do helps people live healthier lives. Whether it’s encouraging more aquatic activity, making pools safer, or keeping pools open, we believe we can make a difference. NSPF® offers products and programs that are technically sound, convenient, and beautifully designed. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit located in Colorado Springs, CO., proceeds go to fund research and to help create swimmers. In 2016, NSPF will escalate its mission to create healthier lives by joining forces with Genesis, an educational leader for builders of residential pools and spas. The National Swimming Pool Foundation has been keeping pools safe and open since 1965. Visit or call 719-540-9119 to learn more.