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December 2018: Aquatics & Respiratory Compromise

December is Here: Happy Holidays!

December is here and we want to wish you all Happy Holidays! This month we've been energized by buzz around the American Chemistry Council's chlorine gas exposure prevention video, which was discussed at the WAHC in Charleston and keeps gaining steam. We're grateful for the work being done to preserve aquatic environments as a vital source of health benefits. Take a minute to browse the most recent Aquatic Health Benefits Bulletin, which includes a great bibliography of publications showing how water works for treating respiratory compromise.  



Despite the massive changes which occur with immersion, research has shown that there is no significant increase in acute respiratory attacks or other negative reactions with immersion. What’s more, when patients with respiratory difficulties exercise in water, wonderful things can occur.

During immersion, the muscles which allow patients to breathe are challenged in a nearly perfect way. Some researchers think that one of the reasons this is possible is that – with immersion – patients receive an effect somewhat similar to the “lean forward” posture that many people with respiratory illnesses assume. Patients who feel that they cannot catch their breath need only step into shallower water for this discomfort to be alleviated. In fact, it is possible to find the perfect “sweet spot” in the pool which permits a challenging respiratory program without distress.

Browse the recent publications for this Aquatic Health Benefits Bulletin now.