Genesis 3


Genesis 3 provides an international forum for continuing education and the establishment of higher standards in watershape design, engineering, and construction. Over the last 15 years, Genesis programs have achieved and exceeded the growth and impact of the most optimistic expectations, and the potential of the current offerings promises to surpass others! Genesis is, collectively, more excited and passionate about educational programs and student participant’s growth than ever before. We are continually amazed by the advances that participants in the Genesis system make, and the sharing of information among those that seek a higher level is truly inspiring.


The Genesis WebsiteUniversity Catalog is a bold step up in our ever-expanding quest for improving our design, construction, and service abilities. We retain the best possible instructors and delve into the topics most needed by those seeking greatness.


We will continue to make positive steps, including the industry’s finest in leadership roles, while engaging our many sponsors and supporters to advance the Genesis mission. On behalf of our dedicated team we welcome the opportunity to include you in the Genesis family.