Aquatic Safety Compendium™

Attorneys • Aquatic Consultants • Aquatic Directors • Swimming Pool Builders • Swimming Pool Retailers

The hardcover book has high-resolution images, color graphics throughout and a comprehensive table of contents. Ten captivating and illustrative chapters are color-coded on the page edges to make it easy to find the right chapter.

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Compendium Includes:

  • Historical Perspective and Aquatic Safety, Glen H. Egstrom Ph.D.
  • Comparison Of Risks in and Around Swimming Pools, Kenneth A. Solomon Ph.D.
  • Behavioral Aspects of Pool Safety, Melvin H. Rudov Ph.D.
  • Drowning: Mechanics, Prevention and Management, Glen H. Egstrom Ph.D.
  • The Mechanics of Diving, Kenneth A. Solomon Ph.D. & James C. Helton M.B.A.
  • Suction Entrapment, William N. Rowley Ph.D.
  • Biomechanics of Catastrophic Diving Injuries, Leon E. Kazarian & Randy A. Shively B.S.
  • Alcohol, Other Drugs and Aquatic Safety, M.W. Bud Perrine Ph.D.
  • The Effectiveness of Warnings in Preventing Pool Diving Accidents, Gerald M Goldhaber Ph.D.
  • Fundamentals of Swimming Pool Law and the Legal Process, William H. Ginsburg J.D.

Despite the high relative safety of pools and spas, injuries are often catastrophic. This valuable, science-base resource provides factual information to help you understand risks based on an objective view of facts.

  • Comprehensive discussion of safety and legal issues
  • Contributions from leading experts in the aquatic industry
  • Clarifies the merits of litigation based on scientific information

“It is apparent... that the injuries involved in serious swimming pool cases are devastating and permanent. They present a challenge for litigants and lawyers to overcome in terms of the sympathy and ­horror they portend.”

William H. Ginsburg JD