Advanced Service Technicians™ Are Trained in Servicing Local Connecticut Pools

Owning a pool in Connecticut can come with some aquatic hassles, but they needn’t stop you from fully enjoying your backyard oasis!  While opening and closing the pool can be a stress, hiring an AST® Certified tech to close your pool can relieve you of a headache at opening: black water, ripping liners, frozen pipes, unsightly staining, and structural damage are all results of improper winterization--any of these can be enough to cause your excitement for the coming pool season to fizzle!  At opening, your AST® Certified technician can start off the season swimmingly by correctly assembling your pool system, removing plugs, and chemically balancing your pool.

Weekly pool maintenance and monthly service are also key services an AST® Certified technician can help you with. Service visits can include vacuuming, adjusting your chemical levels, shocking the pool when needed, backwashing filters, and much more.  Preventative maintenance on pumps, filters, heaters, chlorinators, chlorine generators, and other system pieces will keep your pool running smooth. Most importantly, your technician can keep your pool from forming an algae bloom and turning green. Green pools are a breeding ground for disease-carrying mosquitoes. Keeping a crystal clear, balanced pool is the best way to alleviate any concern.

Your swimming pool is a large financial investment, and should be treated with the utmost care and understanding. Hire a company with an Advanced Service Technician™ Certification holder and put your mind at rest. Allow them to open and close your pool, test and balance chemicals, clean the pool, properly maintain your equipment, and, most importantly, maximize your time for enjoyment and relaxation!  That’s why you have a pool, right?

AST® Certification helps ensure you have the most qualified technician servicing your pool.* If your technician has an SP-2 license then they can legally provide you with a complete pool and spa service experience.

* AST® Certification meets the education requirements set forth by the State of Connecticut to qualify for taking your SP-2 licensing test. If your technician has an SP-2 license then they can legally provide you with a complete pool and spa service experience.

AST - Certified Technicians - Connecticut

Name City Phone Email Website
Kathryn Bombara Pomfret Center (860) 805-9426 Email Website
Benjamin Bradley Colchester Email
Timothy Brennan Southington (860) 681-8338 Email
Philip Brennan Plainville (860) 877-0404 Email
Richard Clark Griswold (860) 376-8250 Email
Brian Diglio Hamden (203) 248-0429 Email Website
Dale Eriksen Bethlehem (860) 274-7903 Email Website
Anthony Garibaldi Wallingford (203) 687-8958 Email
Justin Ivey Cheshire (203) 710-7199 Email
Gregg Kobrin Wallingford (203) 284-1880 Email
David Lapointe Torrington (860) 459-5948 Email
Brian McCarthy New Milford (203) 291-9609 Email
Jackson Naramore Cheshire (203) 500-9317 Email
Carlos Palacios Stamford (203) 613-2206 Email
Victor Palacios Stamford (203) 249-4034 Email Website
Christopher Pellingra Manchester (860) 681-8793 Email
James Pieger Oakville (203) 841-9200 Email
Jeffery Quint Coventry (850) 836-2794 Email
Kenny Rodriguez New Haven (203) 410-0935 Email Website
Anthony Sablon Danbury (845) 274-4895 Email
Lynn Spaulding Manchester (860) 250-3546 Email
Brian Stewart Litchfield (860) 567-7070 Email
Russell Sullivan Griswold Email
Rogelio Teniza New Haven (203) 931-5115 Email
Jesus Vivar Stamford (203) 424-8325 Email
Brian Woodward Goshen (860) 491-1124 Email Website