Compressed Gas Safety

There are two compressed gases used most often at pools, spas, and aquatic facilities: chlorine gas and carbon dioxide. Compressed gas cylinders can be extremely hazardous, not only because of the contents of the cylinders, but because of the pressure of the gases within the cylinders.

Compressed Gas Safety training accomplishes the following objectives, while the online format allows students to learn at their own pace:

  • Identify the hazards posed by components of compressed gas systems and contents
  • Recognize the requirements for identifying compressed gas cylinder content
  • Identify safe ways to use a compressed gas cylinder and its components
  • Recognize proper ways to move and store a compressed gas cylinder

Depending on the work staff performs, they may be exposed to the unique hazard of compressed gases. This interactive course reinforces that practicing compressed gas safety can minimize the risk to staff and patrons, better ensuring a safer experience in and around the water for all.

Successful completion of this 20-minute online course earns a Record of Completion. IACET CEUs are not available for this course.