Advanced Service Technicians™ Are Trained in Servicing Local Colorado Pools

Colorado pool season usually kicks off around mid-May and wraps up in the fall, sometimes as late as mid-October. With Colorado’s warm start to the fall and hardly any long periods of rain, a pool can be a real amenity for the frequently swimming family. While opening and closing the pool can be a stress, hiring an AST® Certified tech to close your pool can relieve you of a headache at opening: black water, ripping liners, frozen pipes, unsightly staining, and structural damage are all results of improper winterization--any of these can be enough to cause your excitement for the coming pool season to fizzle! But your pool and bank account needn’t suffer due to winter damage. An Advanced Service Technician will properly winterize your backyard pool.  

When you open your Colorado swimming pool in May, an AST® Certified technician will clean and remove your pool cover, remove plugs, reattach pool equipment, and assess your pool surface. After opening, your technician will monitor pH, manage filtration, and achieve proper disinfectant level. He or she will keep your pool clean and free of algae blooms.

With his or her knowledge, your technician can help mitigate risks and instruct you on liability and safety issues. Your technician can advise you on areas of concern, that can include fencing, safety latches, and poolside hazards using safety checklists and evaluations. An AST® Certified technician will treat your pool with utmost care and understanding, help you minimize cost, and keep your swimming pool in the mountains clean and safe all season long.


AST - Certified Technicians - Colorado

Name City Phone Email Website
David Bakos Centennial (732) 406-9536 Email
Hannah Caproon Colorado Springs (719) 540-9119 Email
David Cirillo Breckenridge (719) 649-2012 Email
Frank Dagnillo Denver (303) 999-1646 Email
Duffy Dillon Colorado Springs (954) 593-8552 Email
Mark Feinsinger Glenwood Springs (970) 987-7094 Email
Kevin Hayes Oak Creek (719) 740-0075 Email
John Lenze Commerce City (720) 333-3906 Email
John Russell Fairplay (970) 412-5594 Email
Jaclyn Scott Englewood (720) 733-4489 Email