Chemical Safety

Over 10,000 American workers are harmed by incidents involving chemicals each year. Chemicals are a broad category, but the most important chemicals for professionals to protect against are those that are unpredictable, unstable, and dangerous when handled unsafely. 

Chemical Safety training focuses on these topics, while the online format allows students to learn at their own pace:

  • Explain chemicals related to the pool service environment, the risk of potential exposure to hazardous chemicals, and staffs’ responsibility for preventing this risk
  • Recognize hazardous chemicals as classified by the Global Harmonization System and sort them into their respective categories
  • List conditions that may present an exposure risk, possible routes of exposure and the factors that influence the service technician’s reaction to a chemical exposure incident
  • Identify who is responsible for evaluating chemical hazards and how the result of the evaluation is communicated to staff and customers
  • Demonstrate safe transport, storage, and disposal practices for hazardous chemicals
  • Describe the procedures for detecting and reacting to potential chemical exposure and staffs’ responsibility for minimizing exposure incidents
  • Identify how to prepare for a chemical related accident and describe the actions to be taken should one occur

Aquatic professionals handle and apply many chemicals as a fundamental part of their job. Chemicals are used to disinfect and balance the water, clean pool or circulation system parts, test the water, and treat problems. This interactive course reinforces how to recognize hazardous chemicals, understand factors that can impact risk, practice safer handling, understand steps to detect and protect from risk, and what to do when an accident occurs.

Successful completion of this 30-minute online course earns a Record of Completion. IACET CEUs are not available for this course.