Advanced Service Technicians™ are Trained in Servicing Local California Pools

The countless days of sunny weather in California create an almost year-round swimming season. This means an abundance of backyard swimming pools, all of which need to be kept clean and safe. You can breathe easier when it comes to your backyard oasis investment when you hire an Advanced Service Technician™. AST® Certified techs keep California backyard pools crystal clear and smelling great. Remember, a pool that smells of chlorine is a pool that is not properly balanced!

Pools in California face specific challenges: poor pH levels, problems with safety equipment, and a large concentration of disinfectant problems. Pair these with yearly droughts, cloudy water, and red or brown water, and what hope do you have for maintaining your backyard oasis? 

An AST® Certified technician will keep your pool clean, your water clear, and your family safer from the many inherent risks of backyard pools. Your AST® Certified pool service technician will also be trained on water chemistry, diarrhea-causing Cryptosporidium and how to avoid it, droughts, and safe practices that help keep you and your neighbors safe while enjoying your backyard swimming pool. Ensure enjoyment of the pool that beats the heat and keeps your family physically active! Hire an AST® Certified technician and let the pros outweigh the cons of owning a pool in California.

AST - Certified Technicians - California

Name City Phone Email Website
Enrique Aburto North Hollywood (818) 808-2321 Email
Paul Benedetti Morgan Hill (831) 636-6804 Email
Carrie Brill Oceanside (760) 519-9405 Email
Steve Donohoe Mission Viejo (949) 235-5888 Email Website
Joseph Goss Valencia (661) 203-9390 Email
Michael Johnson Murrieta (951) 544-2778 Email
Mark Lilley Gridley (530) 565-5960 Email Website
Loukas Maniatogiannis Cypress (714) 408-5608 Email
Pete McJunkin Valencia (661) 505-3348 Email
Sean Peck Mission Viejo (949) 412-4544 Email
Allen Rockstad Roseville (775) 232-8608 Email
Michael Salmon San Marcos (858) 220-6861 Email Website
Steve Sherwood Los Angeles 424-346-0095 Email Website
Raymond Stevens San Jacinto (916) 753-4443 Email
Jerry Wallace Sacramento (916) 332-6111 Email
William Zarek San Diego (602) 397-1119 Email