Why You Should Utilize Blended Learning

Looking to Gain Your CPO® Certification? Consider a Blended Format Training

NSPF CPO Certification LogoThere are two ways to get your CPO Certification, one of the few training certifications accepted in the 24 states that require pool operator training. You can either take a two-day course led by an NSPF® Instructor, which may involve a waiting list or travel, or you can participate in NSPF’s Blended Learning format, which involves both online and classroom learning. It could be easier than blocking out two days for classroom education and gives you the chance for a self-paced education that benefits you and your time. 

Last week we looked at why online training can be quick, easy, and accessible. This week, let’s look at the benefits of Blended Learning and why it works well for the CPO® Certification program.

First, What is Blended Learning?NSPF Blended Learning

Blended Learning is usually described as a learning program in which there are more than one delivery modes being used to optimize the program and the associated costs. Blended Learning usually consists of a portion of the program being online and another portion in the classroom. Giving students the chance to learn at their own pace online and then corroborate what they learned with a teacher in a classroom is what we would call a win-win situation. 

In the Case of the CPO Certification Blended Training Program… 

First, a student purchases NSPF’s Pool Operator Primer™ (POP), an online course, which lasts about eight hours and comes with the NSPF Pool & Spa Operator™ Handbook. The student will have access to the course for six months after purchase, which gives them the opportunity to review the material as much as they want. 

The course goals and objectives are clear and derive from many experts’ assessments of the skills and knowledge needed to operate a pool safely. They are presented at the beginning of each lesson and help the student prepare for what will come and what they will accomplish. Many lessons coincide with state health regulations as well.

The course provides a high level of interactivity with different forms of media. POP incorporates instructions and knowledge using text, pictures, animations, sound, sectional exercises, and short quizzes. The content of each lesson is delivered through text, pictures, AND audio reading to accommodate different learning styles and preferences. The online course and the handbook are also available in both English and Spanish.
To ensure absorption of knowledge, students must score a 100% on the test at the end of each section before moving on. If a student does not pass a section of POP, they can retake the failed lesson with the Handbook as an aid. POP does not have a minimal amount of time either. So seasoned students and quicker readers can breeze through the lessons. 


NSPF Pool Operator Primer

The student would contact an NSPF Instructor or enroll in a Pool Operator Fusion™ class online within six months of POP completion. They would then complete the course in the classroom with an instructor. The availability of interaction with both instructors and peers is a great motivation to complete the self-paced materials close to the class date. 

When students arrive, they must present a Pool Operator Primer Record of Completion. The instructor will proceed to reinforce the content learned during POP, assess each student’s ability to apply the skills and knowledge, and fill in any missing gaps. 

One reason NSPF insists that CPO Certification Holders take a class in person is to ensure that student has not cheated during the online program. Pool Operator Fusion™  helps create future pool operators that successfully took the course and endows the knowledge. An Instructor of Fusion would likely know if a student had someone else take the POP course online due to the lack of knowledge in the classroom.


All in all, NSPF’s Blended Learning can help many people of different learning styles receive the education they need and want to become a successful pool operator. It usually demonstrates a quick financial payback and strong user acceptance, along with a more natural way to learn and work for the ever evolving aquatics industry. NSPF’s blended Certified Pool Operator Course has the rigor required to ensure that certified pool operators can function in the most complex swimming pool environments.

Take your journey today. 


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