Why You Should Consider Online Learning

NSPF Offers Numerous Courses Online, But Do You Know the Benefits of Self-Paced Education?

Taking a course online can have many benefits for a student. At its best, taking online courses creates a self-paced learning atmosphere, and here at the National Swimming Pool Foundation, we provide many kinds of online training for aquatic professionals. If you’re looking for corroboration on why self-paced online learning can work for you and your employees or students, look no further! Today, we strive to show you the positives of online education. 

There’s no doubt about it, online training is much more convenient than fitting a classroom course into a person’s busy schedule. Instead of trying to squeeze an already slated class into one’s agenda, online training can be done at any time and place (with an internet connection). It can be hard to find a balance between daily tasks and training, so occasionally you can cut out the middle man and let your employee fit the training into their own schedule. 

Learn at Your Own Pace and Style
One of the best advantages of online learning is that it is self-paced. Every student has a different learning style. What may take one person 20 minutes to learn, may take another an hour. Through online learning, students aren’t waiting for the whole class to understand and yet, no one gets left behind. With online training, the student can opt to repeat a section until it sticks. 

With NSPF’s courses, you also “test your knowledge” through exercises after each lesson. In one form or another, questions are presented and you only advance to the next lesson after you successfully pass the previous one. This process ensures that you are absorbing the new information, not just swimming through it.

The knowledge in NSPF courses are imparted in a few different ways as well, so all learners have a chance to be their best student, no matter their learning style. Many courses offer an assortment of pictures, graphs, videos, physical books, and audio play, ensuring that both visual learners and book worms can utilize their preferred learning approach. 

No Scheduling Issues
Although touched upon earlier, this reason should be repeated in greater depth. How often does a meeting get canceled or run over its allotted time in your workplace? It can happen pretty often, and what is the student supposed to do if the class time was missed? Never get the opportunity to learn that information? Take the entire course over the next year? Get unreliable notes from a friend? Why put your employees through that stress if the class was offered online? Instead, managers can launch the program and set a completion date. Done and done. Let your student submerge themselves into the content when they have available time. 

Cost Effectiveness
Do you know how much money goes into a classroom-based course? Let’s see, there is the fee of the teacher, venue, and materials. That can add up to quite a bit of money to put your employee through a training program. Now what if I told you, you could spend $20 to $150 for an online training course that INCLUDES the required handbook (and shipping!). With that, your student can take the course at their own pace, during their own available time, and have a reliable IT team on the back end if any issues happen while taking the course. Now tell me that isn’t cost effective.

Finally, Quicker Adoption of Processes
Let’s say that you and your organization realize you need to teach a new subject to your employees FAST! Or maybe you have hired on some fresh blood that needs to learn the basics quickly. That’s not a problem for a savvy boss like you! Give them the appropriate credentials and let them learn at their desk. The sooner the class is available, the faster it can be completed and your team is up-to-date on operations; making your facility run smoother. 

There are many reasons to consider online learning and here I have presented a few that you may find of interest. If you have more questions about NSPF’s online courses, please don’t hesitate to call 719-540-9119 or email service@nspf.org. We’re here to help make you the best you can be. Also, be sure check out all of NSPF’s available online courses. You may not know what you’re missing. 

Be sure to tune in next week, when the blog will cover why Blended Learning, a combination of both in-class and online, can benefit students. 

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