WAHCity: Team Building (for ALL Your Teams)

We know you feel like you can’t always get away for the World Aquatic Health™ Conference. We understand you have your reasons, and we even like your thinking: I’m too swamped by work projects and my team needs me nearby—plus, my family is my top priority the minute I clock out and when I leave town, they come with me.

That’s why we love WAHCity: we see it as an opportunity for professional development that will leave you feeling energized and recharged, without having to put everything on pause back home. WAHCity is an occasion for local collaboration, team-building, and family time—all in your neck of the woods.

It’s a chance to build ALL your teams.

Broadcast Track from Charleston

We’ll broadcast the Elements of WAHC lecture track, ten sessions total, from the WAHC in Charleston to six different WAHCity locations in the U.S. and Canada. Elements of WAHC presents the latest scientific advances by world experts, because we all know that the better we understand the emerging science, the better we can apply it. You'll learn what's on the horizon for lifeguarding and explore drowning risk factors and prevention strategies, as well as detering sexual predators at facilities. You'll even consider how to minimize risk through an understanding of filtration science and biofilms. And much more...

Regional Networking

And what you learn won’t just get tossed: you have a toolbox, and we know you use it. You’ll return home and get right back to work on issues facing your own community. The WAHCity environment brings together local and regional leaders to build your immediate professional network—what better place for a team retreat or a project meeting? Take advantage of the chance to expand your own access to resources that can address those local needs. Plus, all WAHCity locations qualify for a variety of CEU's. See what last year's attendees have to say about their WAHC 2017 experience.

Family Time

While you learn during the day, your family and friends can play: bring them with you and they can enjoy the Great Wolf Lodge. In the evening, you can enjoy the amazing waterpark and other fun activities together. Register for WAHCity and you’ll get discounted room rates at Great Wolf Lodge® with a suite and four complimentary waterpark passes. To reserve a room, select a WAHCity location and register. After registering, hotel reservation information will be provided.

So if you’re unable to attend the WAHC in Charleston, come to a WAHCity near you. Take advantage of pre- and post-conference networking with regional attendees, sponsor tables, a closing reception, and a behind-the-scenes tour of Great Wolf Lodge®.

You’ll thank yourself. And all your teams will thank you, too!

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