WAHC Track Tuesday: RWI Prevention 2018

WAHC Track Tuesday RWI PreventionWho Should Attend?

Next week marks the 14th running of the Healthy and Safe Swimming Week, which focuses on simple steps that swimmers and pool operators can take to reduce the risk of RWIs. WAHC 2018 offers a track with a strong focus on RWI Prevention. When you attend the RWI Prevention Track, you can incorporate what you learn in next year’s Healthy and Safe Swimming Week! 

The topics discussed in this track will grab the attention of pool operators, facility directors, facility managers, lifeguards, NSPF Instructors, and even manufacturers! Anyone can learn about keeping their pool safer and free from Recreational Water Illnesses. 

What Will Be Discussed?

The RWI Prevention WAHC track features numerous seasoned-speakers and will certainly be a full session on Thursday. Learn about the microbiology of float tanks, crypto stress testing & benchmarking, steps to reduce risk of Legionnaires' disease, cleaning & disinfection of different circulation system components, and health swimming updates about crypto, legionella & pseudomonas. RWI's are always a hot topic, so take some time to attend the tracks that will make your aquatic life cleaner and healthier. 

How to Learn More

The below table shows the full titles, times, and speakers for each RWI Prevention session. If you are interested in more details about any session, click the hyperlinks below. 




Thursday, October 11



The Microbiology of Float Tanks

Ashkahn Jahromi, Graham Talley, Roy Vore

10:00 am-10:50 am

Crypto Stress Testing & Bench-Marking: How Can You Rate Your Recreational Facility

Gerhard Weiss

11:00 am-11:50 am

Legionnaires' Disease: Steps to Reduce Risk in Aquatic Venues

LCDR Jasen Kunz

1:30 pm-2:20 pm

Cleaning & Disinfection of Different Circulation System Components

Gerhard Weiss

2:30 pm-3:20 pm

Outbreaks: Crypto, Legionella, & Pseudomonas & Other CDC Healthy Swimming Updates Michele Hlavsa 4:00 pm-4:50 pm

The World Aquatic Health™ Conference will be hosted in Charleston, South Carolina, October 10-12, 2018. Be sure to purchase your ticket today and if you have more questions about the WAHC, please email conference@nspf.org or call 719.540.9119.



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