WAHC 2017: Keynote Speakers

Learn More About This Year's Distinguished Speakers

This year’s World Aquatic HealthTM Conference is taking a special interest in your professional development! To start, the keynotes will increase your understanding of communication. Thursday morning, learn from Keynote Speaker Ryan Avery about how to increase your leadership skills through strategic communication. Friday morning, Amy Posey will unlock ground-breaking research about the brain and provide keys for more productive and effective conversation. 

About Ryan Avery and Connect More. Convince Less!

Ryan Avery is the youngest Toastmaster to win the World Championship in public speaking. Be prepared for Ryan to inspire you to become an authentic leader that knows your audience, stands with confidence, and shares your failures. With his help, you will become a strategic communicator, and subsequently, develop relationships with your customers and increase your sales capabilities. Communication skills will help keep pools safer and keep pools open! 

About Amy Posey and Using Neuroscience for Brain-Friendly Communication

Amy Posey recently completed her Executive Masters with distinction in Neuroleadership from Neuroleadership Institute. You will learn better communication through a greater understanding of brain functionality, including how the brain receives and encodes messages. Participating in this keynote will help you increase clarity in your messaging, engage with people on a deeper level, and drive people to action. Amy's talk will give you the tools needed to become a stronger leader and a better salesperson. 

Additional Workshops with Speakers

Ryan Avery Workshop: From A to THE®: Stop Being A Leader. Start Being THE Leader. Thursday, October 19, 1:30-5:00 pm

Build upon the information you learned in Ryan's Keynote Presentation in this intimate workshop geared towards pool industry business owners and employees. Ryan will provide action steps to increase your ability to communicate with potential customers. Don't miss out on this workshop to become preeminent in your field! Learn more about the workshop now.

Amy Posey and Dr. Wallace J. Nichols Workshop: Neuroscience of Leadership. Friday, October 20, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Brain research is transforming every aspect of our lives, including the way we think about leadership. Neuropsychology research offers a new set of tools to help those in positions of influence create lasting change for good. Dr. Nichols, along with Amy Posey, share this new science combined with compelling examples, practical applications, and their real-world personal experiences. Learn more about the workshop now. 

The WAHC is October 18-20 in Denver, Colorado, see you soon! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter with #WAHC2017.



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