Top Five Things to Do at the International Pool Spa Patio Expo and Conference

Will you be attending the International Pool Spa Patio Expo and Conference this year in Orlando, Florida? NSPF® and GENESIS® host a wealth of options for you October 29–November 3. Let’s take a peek at the 2017 offerings. 

1.) Visit NSPF at Booth #972 and visit GENESIS® at Booth #861:

The International Show provides a great opportunity for you to meet up and talk shop with NSPF and GENESIS® staff and faculty. We also have great giveaways that you won’t want to miss out on! And, if you ever wanted to peruse any of our NSPF books or products, we’ll have products on hand to make your future purchasing decisions easier. 

2.) Become CPO® Certified:

CPO® Certification is the leading education and certification program for pool and spa operators, engineers, service company professionals, health officials, retailers, property owners, and other professionals who serve aquatic venues.

Gain Continuing Education Credit: 16 Technical, 16 Florida CILB# 0610158 (General). IACET CEUs 1.6 Monday, October 30–Tuesday, October 31. 8:00 am–5:00 pm. Learn more. 

3.) NEW for 2017! Become ASTCM Certified: 

New Certification from the National Swimming Pool Foundation®, the ASTCM Certification is a comprehensive blended (online and in-class) training designed to provide service professionals with the knowledge to fully service residential pools and spas, including equipment installation, maintenance, and repair. The Advanced Service Technician course is 56 hours long, comprised of 48 hours of self-paced online learning and an 8-hour Classroom Session with an exam.

Gain Continuing Education Credit: 5.3 IACET; 46.5 Florida CILB #0612221,0612222, 0612223, 0612224, 0612225, 0612226 (General, Business Practices, Worker’s Compensation, Workplace Safety). Friday, November 3. 8:00 am–5:00 pm. Learn more

4.) Learn and Certify with GENESIS® Education:

The International Pool Spa Patio Expo brings the world-class, IACET-accredited education of Genesis University™ to its attendees. From the Design Schools to the diverse classes and enriching show floor Lifestyle Booth topics, the standards and instructors are superb.

GENESIS® Pre-Show Education
Construction 201: Basic Pool Construction. October 29–31. 
8:00 am–5:00 pm. (G01) (FLORIDA CILB #0610779 / 21 hrs)
Design 101: Introduction to Perspective Drawing. October 29. 
8:00 am–5:00 pm. (G02)
Design 202: SketchUp. October 30–31. 8:00 am–5:00 pm. (G03)
Design 311: Creating a Cohesive Design Aesthetic: Materials, Details, and Style. October 30–31. 8:00 am–5:00 pm. (G04) 
Engineering 311: Advanced Fluid Engineering. October 30–31. 
8:00 am–5:00 pm. (G05) (FLORIDA CILB #0612298 / 15 hrs)

GENESIS® within PSP Expo Core Conference
These courses are part of the core PSP Expo conference program and are included in any pre-show conference package, Day Pass, or Conference Super Pass. Pre-registration required. 

Wednesday, November 1
Service 321: Introduction to Advanced Pool Filtration (WE01) (FLORIDA CILB #0612312 / 1.5 hrs)
Business 162: Building a High-Performance Team from Scratch (WE02)
Construction 406: Pool Shell Cracking in Shotcrete/Gunite Construction (WE08) (FLORIDA CILB #0612304 / 3 hrs)

Thursday, November 2
Design 179: Working with Architects (TH01)
Construction 162: Commercial Project Profiles: An Interactive Discussion on Design and Construction (TH02)
Construction 404: Waterproofing & Finishes Panel Discussion (TH08) (FLORIDA CILB #0612305 / 3 hrs)
Business 107: Design Fees: Billing for Professional Services (TH09) (FLORIDA CILB #0612296 / 1.5 hrs)

Friday, November 3
Business 163: Construction Superintendents: Finding, Training, and Performing at a High Level (FR01) (FLORIDA CILB #0612297/ 1.5 hrs)
Design 423: Outdoor Living: How to Create Beautiful and Comfortable Outdoor Rooms (FR02)

Learn more.

5.) Attend GENESIS® Lifestyle Booth Specials (Booth #761):

Builders, service companies, and designers alike will learn to identify new business and design trends with structural repairs of existing pools, collaborative project profiles, outdoor kitchen design, and the wonders of water. In addition, attendees will learn about design education, gain an exciting overview of GENESIS® members’ project profiles, and round out their conference experience with a wine tasting.

Wednesday, November 1
Engineering 203: Structural Repairs of Existing Pools (G1)
Construction 271: Collaborative Project Profiles (G2)
Business 111: GENESIS® Lifestyle Program (Wine Tasting) (G3)

Thursday, November 2
Design 323: Outdoor Kitchen Design (G4)
Design 132: The Value of Good Design (G5)
Construction 171: Project Profiles: An Interactive Discussion on Design and Construction (G6)

Friday, November 3
Design 422: The Wonders of Water (G7)

Learn more.

As you can see, NSPF and GENESIS® educational opportunities await, both before and during the International Show! AND, if you’d like any one-on-one time with any NSPF and GENESIS® staff and faculty, be sure to reach out. We’d love to spend time with you while we’re in town.

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