Time is Running Out! - CMAHC Vote on the Code

The NSPF has been provided with another CMAHC update and we wanted to provide the below information to you all. This was an email provided by CMAHC Executive Director, Douglas Sackett.

Time is running out to submit your vote on the 179 proposed changes to the MAHC-Only 3 days left before the electronic voting closes at midnight EST on November 19, 2017.

To access the voting module on the CMAHC website, you must be a CMAHC member and be signed in on the website. To easily find the voting page, click on the “Vote on the 2017 CRs” button available on the home page under the introductory paragraph. If you are not signed in or not a member, you will be prompted to sign in as a member since only members can access the voting module. When you get to the page, you will see the information available to you on the “Member Vote” page is the same as you have been able to see when you clicked on the “View Change Requests” during these last several months; we have just added a “Member Vote” column at the end of the table so you can vote yes, no, or abstain. You are encouraged to not only view the CRs, but also review the respective TRC Review Reports and the Member Comment Forms before casting your vote for each CR. You can review each voting item as many times as you would like and vote on each item independently. You can save your work during the process and then submit your final vote when complete. If you are not done, save your votes by clicking on the “I’ll be back later” and then come back later to complete your voting. You can change your submitted votes until the November 19 cut-off date. On the voting deadline, all votes will be counted even if you did not click “Submit My Final Vote”. 

Douglas Sackett
Executive Director, CMAHC
Email: DouglasSackett@cmahc.org
Phone: (678) 221-7218

Council for Model Aquatic Health Code
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