A Testimonial on Facility Manager App

Counsilman Hunsaker and NSPF recently collaborated to launch a web-based app for aquatic professionals around the world: Facility Manager. While pool operators are still learning of the app and requesting demos for more information, we’ve already had a few success stories. Today, we’d like to share the testimony of City of Englewood’s Aquatic Supervisor Brad Anderson.

With over 30 years of experience in the aquatics industry, Brad knew exactly what he needed in software to improve his facility and staff operations. Facility Manager met his expectations as a documentation and chemistry management tool with ease of use by multiple staff, and the capability to pull and send relevant facility reports. One of Brad’s favorite features of Facility Manager is being notified of a problem and immediately able to assign it to a staff member for resolution—all through the convenience of the app. 

Why I Chose Facility Manager

Facility Manager Web Based App Report "I was looking for a software solution that would allow better documentation and organization of water chemistry and safety checklists at our city's two aquatic facilities: an 8-lane indoor pool with attached teaching area and Pirates Cove Water Park. After looking at numerous software options, it was easy for me to settle on Facility Manager.

The web-based app can be accessed anywhere, and is easy to navigate in creating inspection checklists and tracking in-services and incidents. My staff have found it easy to input water chemistry readings and complete their checklists, whether from a phone, tablet, or computer. When a reading is entered, but is out of range from the set parameter set, I receive a notification, as well as the staff I select, allowing us to more quickly troubleshoot and track the solution.

The app stores information in one location, making it easy to pull a month’s water chemistry readings, either for the health department during an inspection, or just for myself when I want to check on readings. On the checklist reports, I’m notified when an area is out of compliance, allowing me to dispatch staff to correct the problem noted.

Since using Facility Manager, I have been able to eliminate paper reporting and help achieve our department’s goal of reducing paper consumption by 20%, all while gaining easy access to reports right from my computer. Counsilman-Hunsaker and NSPF staff have made the transition to Facility Manager an enjoyable experience, and I highly recommend the app for all aquatic operators." 

– Brad Anderson, City of Englewood Aquatic Supervisor 


To learn more or request your own demo of Facility Manager, please email Andrew.Roberts@nspf.org. Register for the free Facility Manager webinar here.


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Facility Manager App
Facility Manager Testimonial
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