Opportunities Available! Support the WAHC 2016 Today!

The World Aquatic Health™ Conference (WAHC) is the aquatics industry’s leading educational conference. It is filled with seminars focused on recent scientific discoveries that are meant to shape the future of aquatics by sharing with professionals in the field. These discoveries are the future of pools and spas and are provided by the leaders of the industry. The WAHC is where to be as attendees will directly apply what they learn in their everyday profession. 

More than 400 leaders and experts attend and network at the WAHC. Sponsors take advantage of this convergence of knowledge by supporting and attending the ever-growing conference. Current Gold Sponsor, Pentair, has been supporting the WAHC consecutively for over five years now and has good reason to.

“Over the years we have seen the importance of the World Aquatic Health Conference grow and grow each time. We’re proud of our sponsorship, our association with the WAHC, NSPF, and its importance to our industry; especially the commercial aquatics industry. The attendees are top notch, the speakers are first class, and it’s a great way to share knowledge to key individuals in our industry.” ----- Mike Fowler, Commercial Marketing Manager of Pentair


All paid sponsors, regardless of level, will receive the following exclusive benefits:

  • One Conference registration ($445) value
  • Access to full attendee information pre-conference 
  • Logo on NSPF/WAHC website until 2017
  • Logo on select attendee materials 

Recognition before keynote addresses

There are many ways to support the WAHC, let’s review a few!

Platinum Sponsorship - For $8,000, a company can snatch up our last remaining Platinum Sponsorship and receive the most a WAHC Sponsorship has to offer. This includes:
Recognition on every WAHC information email sent to 100,000+ NSPF contacts (approx. 15 emails)

  • Two additional conference registrations ($890 value)
  • Opportunity to sponsor a two-day Educational Track
  • Signage at track 
  • 6 foot Table Top in the lobby


Educational Track Sponsorship - For only $2,500 a company can target their audience by connecting their brand with a specific educational track.

  • Recognition on two (2) WAHC information emails 
  • Signage at the track

Welcome or Closing Reception Sponsorship - For $5,000, attendees can associate your business with fun, food, drink, and networking. 

  • Exposure to all event attendees
  • Signage at the reception 
  • Opportunity to display a promo video throughout the entire reception 

Meal Sponsorships - Meal sponsors provide a memorable, “feel good”experience, These affordable opportunities will help the sponsor gain exposure to all attendees. 

  • Exposure to all event attendees
  • Signage at the meal

Different Meal Sponsorship Levels:

  • Speaker’s Breakfast - $3,000 
  • Continental Breakfast - $2,000
  • Coffee Breaks - $1,500 

Sponsor a Conference Attendee - Pay it forward to help a fellow industry professional attend the conference. Just $1,500 will support an aquatic professional’s attendance to the conference who would otherwise not have the chance to join us. 


If you or your business is interested in sponsoring the WAHC, email conference@nspf.org or call 719-540-9919 to learn more today!

Check out 2016’s Gold and Silver sponsors below!



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