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Pool professionals help ensure public safety by securing swimming pool gates and aquatic facility fences. Recently, a thread was created on the Certified Pool Operator Facebook group about how to organize keys, and NSPF thought this would be a great time to provide a few ideas to CPO and AST Certified professionals. The originator of the content, Katt Fedor, posted this image asking for help:

How to key organization

To handle the many locations professionals access on a weekly basis, keys and an assortment of fobs are in desperate need of organization. CPO Certified operators to the rescue! Many organization ideas are offered, with pros and cons for each. Check them out here:

Option 1: Lockable Key Box 
The home office location can have a lockable key box with keys organized. 
PRO: Employees can sign out keys with date and signature. The employee will then be responsible for the key until it is returned and initialed. 
CON: Unexpected needs arise. Since emergencies are not scheduled, techs already out in the field would have to make a trip back to the office for the keys, wasting time. 

Key organization for pool guys

Option 2: Gate Code or Combo Lock
Eliminate the need to carry keys and have customers and clients install a gate code. 
PRO: No keys to weigh techs down.
CON: Storing all the codes (SECURELY) and having all customers agree to the same type of lock can be a challenge.

Pool key organization tips

Option 3: Master Lock 
Keep the customer’s key at the customer’s house in a Master Lock. Professionals can lock the Master Lock on the gas meter at the customer’s house. The Master Lock seen below in the first image can hold keys and/or key cards.
PRO: Professionals bear no liability of losing a key since it stays at the house in a secure location outside of the gated pool area. 
CON: Master locks can be expensive if techs have many sites to visit. 
SOLUTION: Surcharge when assuming an account or when a key is provided. Being friendly and courteous when informing the customer of the purpose of the surcharge will help customers understand. 

Helpful key organization for pool guys

Option 4: Binder in Each Truck
Old binders can be an organizational solution. Adding velcro to the binder and each keychain keeps the keys secure and easy to locate. Techs can keep a binder in each service truck and an extra in the home office. 
PRO: Every truck will have keys for the route stored in an organized manner. 
CON: Making extra keys can be costly. Employees may forget to place a key back in the binder and accidentally take the key home. 
SOLUTION: Have new customers provide the number of key copies needed for employees.

easy key organization for pool guys

Pool professionals have provided these ideas to help you keep your keys organized. Do you like any of these ideas and/or see more pros or cons to them?  Are there other ways to organize keys?  Comment below and let’s keep the list growing! 

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    Years ago, when I was in commercial pool management, we used a common Master padlock on every gate at every facility we managed. That way any tech could access any gate at least. For keys we used a fishing tackle box that the tech could keep with him.