Give the Gift of Swimming this Season

When summer comes bustling into our lives every news outlet in every town across America starts promoting their respective “Drowning Prevention Month” through various forms of media. It’s a great way to educate the masses about drowning and how to prevent it, but is there something more we can do within our aquatics industry? Yes! We can help children learn how to swim by donating to Step Into Swim. If more people use pools and spas, the industry grows and the demand for aquatic facilities increases.Let’s work together to push the industry to grow and expand by creating more swimmers today.

This Holiday Season

Give the gift of swimming to a child that has never learned this life-saving skill. When you become a NSPF Member or make an individual donation to Step Into Swim, you are funding a program that gives children the opportunity, transportation, and items (swimsuits, caps, goggles) needed to learn how to swim. This campaign benefits underprivileged children, who due to either economic or cultural backgrounds, would possibly not learn to swim otherwise.

Real Life Stories

Since 2013, the National Swimming Pool Foundation has been distributing grants to low-income areas for swimming programs for children of all ages.


Recently, Missoula Aquatic Center in Montana used its $10,000 grant for students at DeSmet School. About 50 students were bussed after school to attend swimming lessons at the Aquatic Center once a week for seven weeks. The principal of DeSmet School, Shelley Andres stated “We have pretty high poverty in our school.” She went on toexplain that even the cost of gas to transport the kids from the edge-of-town school to the inner city where the Center is located, is a big expense for parents. Nearly one-third of the children attending the program had never had formal swimming lessons.


This past summer, New York was able to offer lessons at 15 new locations in different counties across the state. The state’s original program more than doubled thanks to both private and non-profit partners, NSPF being one of the donors through the Step Into Swim campaign. Thanks to donors like you, the programs were free for kids and an extra 1,000 children were taught to swim in NYC.


Kids with unfortunate economic status are not the only beneficiaries of Step Into Swim, the campaign also donates to Angels of America’s Fallen(AOA Fallen). AOA Fallen, non-profit organization, supports children of our fallen military and first responders follow their passion. The wait list was long for kids who wanted to swim, and with the support of the Step Into Swim Campaign, AOA Fallen was able to move 22 children off the waiting list and into the pool. The provided grant covered the cost of the program registration, swimsuits, and goggles.


President and CEO of AOA Fallen, Lt. Col. Joe Lewis, had this to say about the donation in April, 2014:

“We empower the child to find their particular stress relief and passion. In this case, it is swimming and enjoying water activities. We are excited and grateful for the support from NSPF and Step Into Swim Campaign; their model of funding and our community involvement are a perfect match.”


None of this could be accomplished without people opening their hearts and giving to a campaign that helps prevent drowning and promote physical activity. Are you ready to donate?

How to Help Prevent Drowning and Teach Swimming

There are three ways to donate this season to Step Into Swim.

1.) Become a NSPF Member with a monthly or yearly donation

When you donate either $5 or $10 a month or, $50 or $100 a year, you will become an NSPF member and all proceeds directly go to Step Into Swim


2.) Become a NSPF Member with a yearly matched donation of $350.00

If you decide to donate this larger amount for NSPF Membership, NSPF will match the amount that will then in turn go towards Angels of America’s Fallen through Step Into Swim

Step Into Swim donor Connie Sue Centrella had this to say, “It is our responsibility as aquatic professionals to give back to our industry. The Step Into Swim and NSPF Membership campaign is an awesome way to help those individuals learn to swim and enjoy the benefits that swimming brings to their lives.”


3.) Donate an individual amount of your choosing

If you don’t want to get all the perks of becoming an NSPF Member, you can always donate an individual amount once to the Campaign.

Any amount, large or small, once or monthly, can make the difference and help end drowning, one child at a time. Donate to Step Into Swim today and help a child learn to swim and become more physically active.


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