Do More Than Wish... Convince Your Boss You HAVE to Go to the WAHC!

As the 2016 World Aquatic Health™ Conference registration discount deadline nears, convince your boss the experience outweighs the cost!

Out of town conferences can be costly. Not only do you have to pay to register for the conference, but also the transportation there and booking a hotel! It can take a lot out of your company’s bank account, and bosses may remain hesitant on why they should loosen the purse strings. The National Swimming Pool Foundation tells you the top 10 reasons on why you need to convince your boss attending the World Aquatic Health Conference will deliver a higher ROI for their business and your individual development! 

10.) This October is the WAHC’s Thirteenth Annual Year! It’s safe to say that the bugs have been found and fixed long ago and the NSPF is delivering the highest-quality scientific aquatic conference possible. Industry leaders from around the world attend and speak on topics that relate directly to the aquatic industry. 

9.) Did we mention it’s a Global Exchange of Knowledge? Oh, we didn’t? Well, we just want you to know that professionals from the Austria, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Iceland, Mexico, Sweden, Poland, Puerto Rico, the U.K., Ukraine, and the U.S., all joined previous years’ conferences.

8.) Networking alone will give your ROI a boost. If you want to meet the industry leaders, game changers, and academics striving to improve our aquatic community, the WAHC is the place to be. Not only will there be numerous seminars to attend (we’ll get to those next) there will also be a Welcome Reception and a Closing Reception where you can meet everyone and anyone!

7.) Looking to learn and better yourself? Do you think that more than 40 different seminars would quench your thirst for knowledge? We have sessions based around your needs and interests; you will be able to pick from Advanced Science Filtration, Advanced Service Concepts, Facility Management, Health Benefits, MAHC, New Industry Technology, Public Health, and RWI/Advanced Chemistry topics.

6.) Maybe you want to get the word out there for your company or product? What better place to distribute new findings, breakthrough products, and teach professionals about your business than the WAHC? Come one, come all, the people you want to talk to in our industry will be there, specifically to listen. The WAHC is the place for aquatic based companies. 

5.) & 4.) Speaking of new news, the WAHC is proud to co-pair with two other aquatic-related conferences before and after the WAHC’s dates

a.) If you arrive on the 19th ready to learn about aquatic therapy, I’ve news for you! For the first time ever, the WAHC will feature Justifiable Aquatic Therapy: A Pool-Base Lab Intensive aka Aquatic Therapy Day! A total of 8 CCUs have been preapproved for PTs with industry expert, Andrea Salzman. This 8 hour lab will get you in the water and work hands-on for aquatic therapy. Stay tuned to learn more about this special course!

BAP Hosted at WAHC

b.) Directly after the WAHC is the USA Swimming Build-A-Pool Conference. You can attend this conference for just $39.00 more (a special WAHC attendee price) and learn about programs that build sustainable facilities, innovative ideas, and examples for new buildings and renovations. This conference will take place October 22-23. Plus! Counsilman Hunsaker will be presenting a special on design considerations relating to day to day practices! 

3.) This year's keynotes will dive deep into how being in, on, and around water affects a person's health and well being. Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, Author of Blue Mind: The Surprising Science That Shows How Being Near, In, On, or Under Water Can Make You Happier, Healthier, More Connected, and Better at What You Do, will kick off the WAHC Thursday morning by celebrating the spiritual connection that water provides while persuading the audience of water’s healing power. Our Friday Keynote, presented Professional Waterman, Bruckner Chase, will focus on how to drive people to the water. Everyone interested in aquatics will find these opening speeches invigorating and beneficial to their line of work. 

WAHC keynote Wallace J. Nichols    WAHC Keynote Bruckner Chase

2.) Unique Educational Events Aside from Symposia. So, you get it. We’ve got lots of learning opportunities for you at the WAHC. But what can we offer other than that? Well a few other things. On Wednesday, October 19, there will be an Insider’s Tour of Nashville’s Aquatic Facilities. That same day will also be an Aquatic Therapy Day which is a Lab-Intensive Course for Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants. Attendees will learn about different perspectives on designing and managing a profitable facility.

1.) Finally, WE HAVE A DISCOUNT PRICE UNTIL AUGUST 1st. Register before the end of July and save $100.00. Once August 1, rolls around you will have to pay the full $595.00 instead of just $495.00 for this amazing and insightful conference. 

BONUS POINT: This year’s WAHC is held in Nashville, Tennessee! Also known as Music City! There is SO much to do in Nashville that we already wrote a blog about the Top 10 Things to do while visiting. We’ve got something for everyone on there, so check it out now! 

Nashville Home of 2016 WAHC

So convince your boss to join us October 19-21, 2016 (or earlier!) to expand your knowledge and insight in the aquatics industry and register for the WAHC today!



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