CMAHC Update: November-December 2017 Post Biennial Conference

The NSPF has been provided with another CMAHC update and we wanted to provide the below information to you all. This was an email provided by CMAHC Executive Director, Douglas Sackett.


The 2017 Biennial Conference vote is in! See below for more information. 

1) Important News, Dates, and Deadlines 

a. Finding the Voting Results page. Voting on 179 Change Requests closed and the resulting CR voting results webpage is now live. You can get to this page in multiple ways:
i. On the homepage, there is a magenta box mid-page left “View 2017 Voting Results”. Click on it and you go to the vote results page
ii. On the homepage, upper right, there is a magenta box “Find 2017 Info On”. Click on the box to get a drop down menu and pick “View Voting Results”.
iii. Use the left navigation to follow the homepage box “Vote on the Code” Triennial Conference --> 2017 Biennial Conference --> View Change Request Vote
b. CR Voting Results
i. 179 Change requests were submitted 
55.3% (99/179) were submitted by the public health sector 
44.7% (80/179) were submitted by the aquatics sector
ii. 68% (121/179) of Change Requests passed. 
70.7% (70/99) of CRs submitted by the public health sector passed
63.8% (51/80) of CRs submitted by the aquatics sector passed
iii. The biggest indicator of passage appeared to be the TRC recommendation. All votes (178/178) were the same as the TRC vote recommendation. The one TRC vote recommendation classified as ABSTAIN resulted in a NO member vote. 
Weighting affected 3.9% (7/179) of Change Requests. Six CRs that were NO by straight vote changed to YES on weighted vote. One tie on the popular vote changed to a YES.
All seven CR votes that changed due to weighting had a TRC vote recommendation of YES.
c. Board of Director’s member vote. We are very pleased to announce that Alvaro Mendoza, co-founder of Commercial Energy Specialists, Inc., has joined the CMAHC Board. Mr. Mendoza is recognized as one of the leading aquatic water quality experts in the US. Please see the Board webpage for more information on his background.
d. CDC Communication. The CMAHC Board and Executive Director are drafting a letter to CDC advising them of the final CMAHC vote and recommendations.

2) CMAHC Process and Membership 

a. Bylaws. The Board is working on revising the Bylaws to reflect the move to a 3-year conference cycle.
b. Changing CR post-conference. As requested by members, the Board is developing a process to reflect discussion at our conference to make small edits or changes to CRs during or after the conference. These changes could correct unanticipated consequences without changing overall intent of the CR.
c. Urgent MAHC recommendations. The Board is also developing a process for the CMAHC to gather input and be able to advise CDC on urgent matters that may occur in the years between conference cycles.

3) CMAHC Business, Communication, and Operations News 

a. Renew your membership. We will use the old membership list for now since we do not want to lose contact but we do need you all to become members for the next three years. We are about to start up more Ad Hoc committees and get your input on future directions---please don’t miss these opportunities to be heard. Remember, the CMAHC has just moved to a 3-year cycle so we need you to be part of CMAHC for the entire 3 years. Become a member for the 2018-2020 CMAHC Conference cycle. It is a low $90 for the entire 3-year voting cycle. 
i. NOTE: We want you to be a member and be involved for the entire 3-year CMAHC Conference voting cycle. To reward you for signing up now (through 2018) for all 3 years, prices are lower for those persons choosing to join early and be a member for all 3 years---you save money by joining now and you have the opportunity to participate for all 3 years in CMAHC business.
1. If you register in:
a. 2018: $90 for the entire 3-year 2020 CMAHC Conference voting cycle
b. 2019: $120 for the entire 3-year 2020 CMAHC Conference voting cycle
c. 2020: $160 for the entire 3-year 2020 CMAHC Conference voting cycle
ii. NOTE: We listened to your needs  There are now two membership forms; one for individual membership and one for group membership so you can sign up multiple people and pay all at one time.
b. Evaluate us. We sent out a survey Monkey 12/4 to all members to ask for you input on the CMAHC process and conference. We really have tried to address member feedback based on comments from the last conference and want to do the same this time. Even if you did not attend the conference, please fill out the relevant sections to give us feedback. Members noticed that many of the improvements at this conference came directly from you, our members. Let’s keep this improvement process going!
i. If you filled out an evaluation sheet at the conference, thank you for your input; we have collected your feedback. No further action is necessary from you. 
ii. If you did not submit an evaluation sheet, please follow this link, and fill out the online survey with your comments and evaluation.
iii. If you did not attend the conference, we would still appreciate your feedback on the aspects of the MAHC update process you experienced. Please follow this link, and fill out the online survey with your comments and evaluation
c. We just refreshed the content on the CMAHC website to reflect the close of the 2017 Conference and the move to a triennial conference cycle. The 2017 conference materials are still in the same location. We will migrate all that information to the Conference Archive with release of the 2018 MAHC 3rd Edition in summer 2018. 

4) Your CMAHC at Work

a. Join Committees. We will be setting up several Ad Hoc and Standing Committees in the near future, so please renew your membership and ensure you can hear about activities and are part of change request creation. Committees coming soon include:
i. Aquatic Venue Shell Design
ii. Indoor Air Quality
iii. Annex Revision and Updating 

5) Other Questions, Needs, Requests 

a. Contact us from the CMAHC “Contact Us” page and we can add your thoughts to our list for future consideration.
Douglas Sackett
Executive Director, CMAHC
Phone: (678) 221-7218
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