CMAHC Progress Update November 2016

The NSPF has been provided with another CMAHC update and we wanted to provide the below information to you all. This was an email provided by CMAHC Executive Director, Douglas Sackett


CMAHC Logo Sponsored by NSPFCMAHC members,
We have listened to your comments and requests for increased communication especially regarding the MAHC update process. This is the first of what will become regular monthly CMAHC updates to keep you informed of progress, timelines, and deadlines as we prepare for Vote on the Code 2017, October 17-18, 2017 in Denver, CO. The changes you see detailed below reflect member comments after last year's conference and continue the CMAHC's commitment to continuous, member-inspired, improvement.

Important Dates 

  1. Deadline for Change Request submissions: midnight EST February 3, 2017. See the 2017 Biennial Conference timeline.
  2. Second Biennial Vote on the Code Conference will be held October 17-18, 2017 in Denver, CO.

CMAHC Business News and Communications 

  1. Many thanks to Neptune-Benson for joining the CMAHC as a Bronze-level sponsor.
  2. Thanks to all our new Members. There has been a surge in memberships before the next MAHC renewal cycle starts so we now have 630 members. We will be modifying the membership area to allow institutions/organizations to signup multiple members as requested
  3. Our apologies to those members impacted by the issues related to our recent HostMonster internet hosting changes that impacted the website and membership sign-up areas. These unexpected issues have all been corrected.
  4. The CMAHC just launched a large informational update to its webpages. See the new and updated items referred to throughout this document
  5. CMAHC will begin regular Member updates, with this email being the first, so be aware these will be coming regularly and will keep you up to date on progress to update the MAHC.

Board of Directors News 

  1. Many thanks to the By-laws Ad Hoc Committee for drafting new bylaws. New By-laws were passed by the Board and finalized for posting. 
    1. Key changes---increase the size of the Board to 14 members (adds 4 persons), sets term limits of 6 years, and sets voting for Director's at the Biennial Conference.

Preparing for 2017 Change Request Submission 

  1. Deadline for Change Request submissions: midnight EST February 3, 2017. See 2017 Biennial Conference timeline.
  2. The CMAHC has been conducting listening posts at several national organizations to talk about ideas for 2017 Change Requests CRs, see Presentations and Webinars. 
    1. The Discussion at the World Aquatic Health Conference was particularly productive in coming up with proposed CR ideas. See the 2017 Conference page for ideas and contact persons if you want to be involved in discussing and writing these CRs.
  3. The new simplified and fully on-line Change Request form has been posted. It will allow instant posting and viewing of CRs as well as immediate member comment/posting. Hard copies are no longer part of the process!
  4. Many thanks to member Carl Nylander, Counsilman-Hunsaker, for agreeing to serve again as the 2017 Technical Review Committee Chair.
  5. Applications were solicited and received for the Technical Review Committee and seven supporting Technical Support Committees. 
    1. Thanks to the almost 90 members that sent applications. Selections on staffing are in process.

Member-based Changes in the CMAHC Process 

  1. We have updated the CMAHC process area of the website to clarify information for members. See the updated MAHC Update Process page and the new Voting and Weighting page
  2. We will have all CR review committees in place earlier so they can start work soon after the CR submission close date.
  3. TRC conference calls will be open for listening by members. Comments can be submitted afterwards on the specific CRs discussed.
  4. Voting on CRs will start earlier with the opening of the biennial conference. An “Abstain” category will be added to the ballots.
  5. Based on member feedback, vote weighting was simplified by the Board. The 50:50 weighting for public health and aquatics has been retained but weighting within the aquatics sector sub-categories has been eliminated.

Investment in Change 

  1. Thanks to those members involved in Ad Hoc Committees that will help us run the CMAHC more efficiently and develop the evidence base for new Change Requests 
    1. By-laws
    2. Chlorine Stabilizers
    3. Aquatic Facility Acoustical Design
    4. Chlorinator Sizing

Preparing for the 2017 Biennial Conference 

  1. The 2017 Biennial Vote on the Code Conference will be held October 17-18, 2017 in Denver, Colorado immediately before the World Aquatic Health Conference.
  2. The revised 2017 Biennial Conference timeline is posted.
  3. We are planning to simplify registration. This will include the ability to pay multiple registrations via a single institution.
  4. Based on member comment, members will: 
    1. Have more time for CR submissions.
    2. Have more time for review and comment (1 cycle to influence review and potential changes if submitter agrees, 1 cycle to influence voting).
    3. Hear presentations of all CRs in a more standardized format to include pros and cons.
    4. Be able to participate in caucus sessions with improved guidance for facilitators.

Other Questions, Needs, Requests 

  1. Contact us from the CMAHC “Contact Us” page and we can add your thoughts to our list for future consideration.




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