CMAHC Progress Update: July - August 2017

The NSPF has been provided with another CMAHC update and we wanted to provide the below information to you all. This was an email provided by CMAHC Executive Director, Douglas Sackett.


CMAHC Progress Update

It is just a little more than 60 days until the 2017 Biennial Conference; see the “Countdown to 2017 CMAHC Conference” on our front page for the exact number of days! The Technical Review Committee has been working at full speed and have finished the open discussions and are preparing to deliver final write-ups for posting on the CMAHC website. All TRC conference calls have been open to Members to listen in (you requested this during the last conference). Many thanks to all the Members that have been participating on Committees, calls, and in submitting member comments on proposed CRs. Change Requests are posted awaiting member comment!

Important News, Dates, and Deadlines 

a. Sponsors can make a difference on site in Denver. We are looking for sponsors for CMAHC Conference activities (Sponsors’ breakfast, lunches, and breaks, livestreaming) at the 2nd biennial conference. Contact Doug Sackett to let him know how you would like to assist with CMAHC conference planning.
b. REGISTER NOW for the Second Biennial Vote on the Code Conference: October 17-18, 2017 in Denver, CO. Visit the registration page at
c. More recognition for the MAHC. The National Environmental Health Association (NEHA), which represents the environmental health specialists and pool programs that approve and inspect public aquatic facilities has put out a Position Statement endorsing use of the MAHC by pool programs. This adds to earlier endorsements by the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists and the National Association of County and City Health Officials. The big three public health organizations are all now endorsing use of the MAHC. See the MAHC Policy and Recommendations page and the NEHA page to view the endorsements.  
In addition, on June 27, 2017, the National Safety Council (NSC) released their The State of Safety: A State-by-State Report which provides insight into promising practices, and shows where states are on track or falling short on various safety efforts in the home and community, on the road, and in the workplace. Under Community Safety, drowning is one of the key safety issues measured. When evaluating State’s drowning risk reduction efforts, the most important indicator, in order of impact on drowning prevention, was “State has updated public pool and water facility regulations to conform with Model Aquatic Health Code”. We are very pleased and proud that the MAHC is recognized by the NSC, whose mission is to “eliminate preventable deaths in our lifetime”, as an important component of state-level drowning prevention.
d. What can the aquatics sector do? With the big three public health organizations in the U.S. now backing the MAHC, and the NSC recognizing the MAHC’s role in drowning prevention, ask yourself and your leadership whether there is a MAHC support statement that your company or organization can make to align your organization with aquatic health and safety. Let’s make it clear that public health and aquatics sector BOTH support the MAHC as part of their CMAHC public-private partnership.  
e. Can’t find what you need?---look for the burgundy box in the upper right hand side that says “Find 2017 Info On”---it brings down a menu to guide you to the 2017 Conference info, 2017 Conference registration, Change Requests, Member comments, and TRC conference call schedule. Remember though, that you must first sign in on the website as a member to have access to “Member Only” options.
f. Pool code discussion in Arizona: The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality had a public meeting on Monday 8/14 to discuss changes in their pool code which proposes to include use of parts of the MAHC. Thanks to our Founding Sponsor, NSPF/Tom Lachocki, CEO for attending to give an aquatics sector perspective and to clear up any misconceptions around MAHC components. If you hear about pool code discussions and/or adoptions that need to have a coherent, accurate perspective on the MAHC, please let us know and we will work to mobilize folks to be there or write in to add an accurate representation. The aquatics sector helped develop the MAHC and can be very articulate why they, the CMAHC sponsors, and the “Big Three” public health organizations in the country support use of the the MAHC guidance. Open discussion based on accurate information with appropriate context is always the best way to make decisions.

Board of Directors News 

a. View the new Board of Directors: As mentioned in the last communication, The CMAHC Board of Director’s has five new members, all leaders in public health and/or aquatics. View their bios.
i. Franceen Gonzales (Provider/Operator): Executive Vice President, Business Development, WhiteWater West Industries. Richmond, BC. Canada.
ii. Jody Kneupper (Operator): Regional General Manager, Premier Parks, Manager, Wet’n’Wild Splashtown Waterpark. Houston, TX.
iii. Carl Nylander (Provider): Principal and Studio Director, Counsilman-Hunsaker. St. Louis, MO.
iv. James Rada (Local Public Health): Director, Environmental Health Services Division, Jefferson County Public Health. Lakewood, CO.
v. Pieter Sheehan (Local Public Health): Director, Division of Environmental Health Services, Fairfax County Health Department, Fairfax, VA.
b. Stay tuned. The Board of Director’s Nominating Committee will be announcing a new replacement candidate for the Board soon so a vote can be held as part of the 2017 Biennial Conference. 

Change Request and Comment Process News 

a. Start reviewing. Have you started reviewing the CRs? Many of your fellow members have since they don’t want to wait until the last moment to see how they can impact the review, voting, and ultimately, the MAHC. There are over 180 Change Requests for consideration at this year’s CMAHC biennial conference so starting early on your review will be important. CR modifications and TRC reviews will be posted in the next several weeks
b. Start commenting on CRs now. Your fellow members have already added 170 comments for TRC consideration and your review. The final date for consideration by the TRC passed but you can still influence discussion and voting. 
i. To add a comment, open the CR, click on the “Submit Comments” box at the bottom of the page to make yourself heard. NOW is the time. 

Preparing for the 2017 Biennial Conference 

a. As you can imagine, there is a great deal of activity occurring to prepare for the 2017 CMAHC Conference. We have two very full days that include the CMAHC progress report, CR presentations and discussions, caucus discussions, floor discussion, and the CMAHC business meeting. CR voting will open with the conference and closes one month after the Conference. We will also be having a vote for a replacement member for the Board of Directors.  
b. Register now while there is still room! The CMAHC registration site is live and ready to go. Visit the CMAHC 2017 Biennial Conference registration pages now to register.  The 2017 Biennial Vote on the Code Conference will be held October 17-18, 2017 at the Omni Interlocken Resort in Denver, Colorado immediately before the National Swimming Pool Foundation’s (NSPF) World Aquatic Health Conference. 
i. BONUS—if you register for both conferences you will receive a $50 savings on the second of the two conference registrations you complete.
ii. Hotel conference reservations are being coordinated through NSPF at their World Aquatic Health ConferenceTM rate. There is a link to the hotel booking and registration information on the CMAHC and WAHC registration pages. Register for your room while there are still block rates available.

CMAHC Business, Communication, and Operations News 

a. Thanks to our new Members. We now have 697 members. Let’s break 700 before the conference! 

Investment in Change 

a. Joining us in Denver solidifies your role in moving the MAHC forward to keep aquatics health and safety at the front of everybody’s playbook.

7Other Questions, Needs, Requests 

a. Contact us from the CMAHC “Contact Us” page and we can add your thoughts to our list for future consideration.
Douglas Sackett
Executive Director, CMAHC
Phone: (678) 221-7218
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