CMAHC Progress Update: April - June 2017

The NSPF has been provided with another CMAHC update and we wanted to provide the below information to you all. This was an email provided by CMAHC Executive Director, Douglas Sackett.



CMAHC Progress Update

It is less than 120 days until the 2017 Biennial Conference; see the “Countdown to 2017 CMAHC Conference” on our front page for the exact number of days! The Technical Review Committee has been working at full speed and their conference calls have been open to Members to listen in (you requested this during the last conference). Many thanks to all the Members that have been participating on Committees, calls, and in submitting member comments on proposed CRs. Change Requests are posted awaiting member comment!

Important News, Dates, and Deadlines 

A. Sponsors. Many thanks to the American Chemistry Council (Gold Level) for renewing their MAHC sponsorships. The CMAHC relies on aquatics sector leaders like ACC to help get the job done so we can continue to make the MAHC the best health and safety guidance document around. We hope to hear from the rest of our sponsors about renewal of their commitment to healthy and safe swimming for everyone.

B. Can’t find what you need?---look for the burgundy box in the upper right hand side that says “Find 2017 Info On”---it brings down a menu to guide you to the 2017 Conference info, 2017 Conference registration, Change Requests, Member comments, and TRC conference call schedule. Remember though, that you must first sign in on the website as a member to have access to the call schedule and other “Member Only” options.

C. More recognition for the MAHC. The premier public health group that called for the workshop that recommended creation of the MAHC, The Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists, just passed a Position Statement recommending use of the MAHC. The position statement titled “Support for Use of the CDC’s Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) as a Resource and Guidance Document by State, Territorial, and Local Jurisdictions Regulating Public Aquatic Facilities” was passed at the Council’s 2017 meeting held June 4-8th.

D. Second Biennial Vote on the Code Conference: October 17-18, 2017 in Denver, CO. Visit the registration page at

Board of Directors News 

1. Great News: The CMAHC Board of Director’s has five new members, all leaders in public health and/or aquatics. This expansion was done to conform with the new By-laws adopted last year after the By-laws Committee delivered their final product to the Board. We will be sending out a press release soon but wanted our Members to know first. Please welcome our new Board members listed below with the membership slot they fill. The Board only gets stronger with these great new Directors! Thanks again to our By-laws Committee for the great work and suggestion that we expand the Board

  • James Rada (Local Public Health): Director, Environmental Health Services Division, Jefferson County Public Health. Lakewood, CO.
  • Pieter Sheehan (Local Public Health): Director, Division of Environmental Health Services, Fairfax County Health Department, Fairfax, VA.
  • Franceen Gonzales (Provider/Operator): Executive Vice President, Business Development, WhiteWater West Industries. Richmond, BC. Canada.
  • Jody Kneupper (Operator): General Manager, Wet’n’Wild Splashtown Waterpark. Houston, TX.
  • Carl Nylander (Provider): Principal and Studio Director, Counsilman-Hunsaker. St. Louis, MO.

We feel well positioned to continue the progress being made with establishing the CMAHC as THE place for you to have input into making an up-to-date, knowledge-based Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) that supports healthy and safe aquatic experiences for everyone and is used by pool programs across the U.S. 

Change Request and Comment Process News 

1. Start reviewing. Have you started reviewing the CRs? Many of your fellow members have since they don’t want to wait until the last moment to see how they can impact the review, voting, and ultimately, the MAHC. There are 180 Change Requests for consideration at this year’s CMAHC biennial conference so starting early on your review will be important. 

2. Start commenting on CRs now. Your fellow members have already added almost 170 comments for TRC consideration and your review. 

  • To add a comment, open the CR, click on the “Submit Comments” box at the bottom of the page to make yourself heard. NOW is the time. If you think a CR can be improved, take the time to comment now since the TRC could potentially incorporate your suggestions into the CR to make it that much better. Your comment could also influence the final TRC recommendation. Note that you must first sign in on the website as a member to be able to submit a comment.

3. Listen to the TRC deliberations. The call schedule can be found linked in the burgundy “Find 2017 Info On” box on the top left side of the front page. Again, remember that the call schedule is only available to members and you must be signed in to gain access.  

Preparing for the 2017 Biennial Conference 

2. Register now, the site is live! The CMAHC heard your comments about confusion with 2015 registration so our expert web developer has created our own CMAHC registration area this year. Visit the CMAHC 2017 Biennial Conference registration pages now to receive the regular registration rate of $300 available through July 31 (Early Bird rate is now closed).  The 2017 Biennial Vote on the Code Conference will be held October 17-18, 2017 at the Omni Interlocken Resort in Denver, Colorado immediately before the National Swimming Pool Foundation’s (NSPF) World Aquatic Health Conference. 

  • BONUS—if you register for both conferences you will receive a $50 savings on the second of the two conference registrations you complete.
  • Hotel conference reservations are being coordinated through NSPF at their World Aquatic Health ConferenceTM rate. There is a link to the hotel booking and registration information on the CMAHC and WAHC registration pages.

CMAHC Business, Communication, and Operations News 

1. Thanks to all our new Members. We now have 689 members. 

Investment in Change 

1. Presentations

  • Doug Sackett was invited to present at the International Health Regulators Forum for Establishments that Handle Contact Water, in Mexico City, Mexico on June 8-9, 2017. The organizers have heard about the MAHC and CMAHC and wanted to know more about how the MAHC could be a guide for Mexico. They paid for Doug to present on “Disinfection By-Products and their Health Effects” and “The Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) What it is and How it Was Developed ”. Doug’s presentations are on the Presentations and Webinars page.
  • Doug Sackett, CMAHC Executive Director, presented "The Model Aquatic Health Code" at the Spring 2017 meeting of the New York State Conference of Environmental Health Directors on May 9, 2017.

2. Thanks to those members involved in Ad Hoc Committees that will help us run the CMAHC more efficiently and develop the evidence base for new Change Requests

  • Chlorine Stabilizers is finalizing a manuscript for submission to a peer-reviewed scientific journal. This paper will serve as a foundation for future discussion of stabilizers in pools.
  • Aquatic Facility Acoustical Design completed their work and a new Change Request was submitted for 2017 consideration
  • Chlorinator Sizing. As a follow-up to the 2015 efforts of this committee, a CR Champion and workgroup submitted related CR’s for 2017 consideration.
  • Floatation Tank Design & Operation completed their work and a new Change Request was submitted for 2017 consideration.

Other Questions, Needs, Requests 

  1. Contact us from the CMAHC “Contact Us” page and we can add your thoughts to our list for future consideration.

Douglas Sackett

Executive Director, CMAHC



Phone: (678) 221-7218


 CMAHC Progress Update

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