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Water Safety at WAHC 2019
Apr 2019
WAHC, Step Into Swim, Water Safety

There will be no shortage of opportunities at the World Aquatic Health Conference (WAHC) to dig in on the important collaborative, coalition-building work that is drowning prevention.

Prevention Advisor April 2019 | Aquatics & Autism
Apr 2019
Prevention Advisor

For Autism Awareness Month we've been promoting some amazing learn to swim initiatives that focus on spreading water competence to the whole community and on the therapeutic benefits of aquatic environments for people with autism. 

2019 Pool Safely Grant Application
Apr 2019
Pool Safely Grant, Pool Safety

Applications for the CPSC's Pool Safely Grant Program are being accepted until June 5, 2019.

Prevention Advisor March 2019 | Aquatics & Women's Health
Mar 2019
Prevention Advisor

This month, we’ve been following two threads that are vital for our industry: Women’s History Month and—since the season’s upon us—all things workforce. 

Feb 2019 AHBB Aquatics & Black Health
Feb 2019
Prevention Advisor

In honor of Black History Month, we’ve been promoting stories about the vital work of people and organizations we admire, in celebration of their efforts to increase water access and fight for health equity in communities of color. 

Ultimate Pool Conference 2019
Feb 2019
Facility Maintenance, Indoor Air Quality

Keith Coursin has an update from the Ultimate Pool Conference in Charlotte, NC, hosted by Paddock Pool Equipment Company!

Prevention Advisor January 2019
Feb 2019
Prevention Advisor

 This month, we'll also be posting some links on our social media accounts for Black History Month, so please make sure you follow us.

Message from Tom Lachocki
Feb 2019
Our Mission

Former NSPF CEO Tom Lachocki reflects on what we've achieved during his 15-year tenure.

Proper PH Installation
Jan 2019

Here's our own Rose Lyda with a series of workforce case studies showing how the aquatics industry can adapt to new labor trends.