Advanced Service Technician™ Course

The educational standard for pool and spa service professionals

The AST® Certification is a comprehensive blend of online and classroom training designed to provide service professionals with the knowledge and skills to fully service pools and spas. AST® Certification provides in-depth instruction on aquatic facility operation, water treatment procedures, equipment servicing, business management tactics, job-site risk management, workplace safety best practices, equipment maintenance, installation and repair, aquatic structure types, finishes, and local codes.

The AST® Certification course is comprised of approximately 45 hours of self-paced online learning, followed by one to two days in class, depending on state requirements.* Since the majority of our training is online you have the option to learn at a time and a place that is convenient for you. You have access to the course for an entire year and you can review the course content as many times as you want. Classroom sessions are scheduled at various times and locations around North America to offer convenient access to everyone. Find an AST® Certification class near you, and purchase the AST® Certification course here.

What AST® Certification Holders Have to Say About Their Experience

AST® Certification Program Benefits:

  • Ensure your staff has the best training in the industry
  • Gain worksite efficiencies and cost reductions
  • Save time on the job and service additional customers
  • Provide superior service and create value for customers
  • Receive customer referrals from NSPF®
  • Guarantee training ROI by increasing revenue & savings
  • Minimize lost jobs by reducing time in class
  • Improve customer loyalty through higher quality service 

Watch the AST® Certification Introduction Video.

Advanced Service Technician™ Course Overview:

  1. Introduction – Gives an overview of the AST® Certification program. 
  2. Fundamentals – Delivers comprehensive education for pool and spa service technicians on water treatment procedures, including methodology for maintaining proper disinfection levels and water balance.
  3. Management – Covers management training, including responsibilities associated with operating a service company, and focusing on customer service and building client relationships.
  4. Managing Risk – Provides instruction on identifying hazards present in service technician work environments and risk mitigation techniques, including hazard exposure reduction.
  5. Workplace Safety – Presents the importance of workplace safety and how that impacts both employees and the public, risk mitigation techniques, and helps meet OSHA compliance training.
  6. Routine Maintenance – Details how to perform maintenance procedures for circulation systems, filters, chemical application systems, automatic chemical controllers, heaters, and pool cleaning systems.
  7. Installation & Repair – Delivers instruction on the installation, service, and repair of circulation pumps, filters, chemical application systems, automatic controllers, heaters, pool cleaning systems, and underwater lighting; along with leak detection and electrical safety.
  8. Classroom Session – Teaches you through in-person instruction on different structure types, finishes, and local codes. The classroom session concludes with a comprehensive certification exam. Meets Florida 60 hour course requirements CILB# 0612551.*

If you have any questions about the AST® Certification course or redemption program please contact us at or 719-540-9119.



Setting the standard of aquatic education for the pool and spa service industry.




*The 60 Hour AST® Certification course (CILB provider # 0003702 and course # 0612551) qualifies you for the Florida service contractor license exam by reducing the service/education requirement by three years.